Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dompig Gagged!

We learned on MSNBC last night that the attorney for Paulus van der sloot has filed a motion against Chief Dompig to essentially gag the Chief for his comments that "the 3 are guilty as hell."

We also learned that the attorney believes that the whole of the Van der sloot property was searched. This allows Dompig to cross that one off his wish list as he has previously stated it was not.

The evidence used to arrest the security guards was the lie or "story" told by Joran van der sloot.

The big Kock, attorney for Deepak showing he must have a law degree from the same place as resident bimbo Arlene Schippers, responded to a question as to why none of the 3 didn't help in the search for Natalee with some mind-boggling logic.

He said that it would be inappropriate and that anyone searching may actually appear guilty of something if they did.

Ms. Schippers, who had "the pleasure" of meeting with investigators and seems to have direct access to both the police and the Chief Prosector turned Chief Defense attorney assured us the investigation is ongoing "round the clock."

She assured us that they have to look at many scenarios. Why the media cannot seem to confront exactly what that means is frustrating. Being that they still have no corroborated timeline for Joran van der sloot one wonders if it's only a matter of time before the security guards are re-arrested.

Is there any doubt that Paulus van der sloot is in charge of this investigation? With Ms. Schipper's defense mentality and access to the case how is it possible Paulus doesn't know before anyone what the police are doing?

So Dompig states what is obvious and he will join the security guards in being silenced.

Dennis Jacobs, the man who took the van der sloot lie as a clue, twice, is still the lead investigator.

It's only a matter of time before Jan van der straaten will be brought back a second time to replace Dompig.