Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just One Night in Aruba

Aruba celebrating with glee the inconclusiveness of the Deepak tapes as predicted continues to ignore the most glaring problem with this story. Just what evidence have the investigators come up with? Standing in front of the 3 whom Chief Dompig says are "guilty as hell" the first night after Natalee disappeared and this is where we are after 6 months?

The hollow words that they are still investigating this case seem more absurd with each passing day. The complete refusal to discuss the night when Beth and the police confronted Joran van der sloot who his father said was not home stilll rankles.

After being mis-directed by Paulus van der sloot, the police returned to the home to find Joran and the Kalpoes who then misdirected again.

It's amazing that Arlene Schippers can sit with the police and listen to tapes of Deepak and Beth and Dave are kept out of the loop. Aruba deserves a much bigger boycott. Where are you Ms. Rice?

The Aruba Dirty Police were helping someone. In their warped world they were helping someone they knew quite well. A co-worker and friend, Paulus van der sloot.

How else to explain the lie the 3 told that first night which was taken with gratitude as a "clue." In what world do trained police officers stand before these three and accept their story? Not even a cursory look around the property? Was it not suspicious that they were together in the early morning hours again, another night, a school night? And Paulus was right there with them?

If you wanted to find Natalee wouldn't you press them for details? But to say goodnight and pursue their lie as a clue is just not a believable mistake. A mistake that went on for 10 days? Then to arrest 2 security guards who's truth was accepted as a lie and call it a mistake?

These people are still running this investigation. And it seems all of Aruba is behind them. Why? Does anyone care that you just don't get the depths of you're depravity Aruba?

What did it cost to silence the security guards?

The media has done a poor job of exploring the first 10 days. Greta, Rita, Dan all of them have not focused on the beginning of this investigation. That is where the answers are to what happened to Natalee.

The evidence is right there between Jan van der straaten, Dennis Jacobs, Paulus van der sloot and Karen Janssen. They're actions were a direct response to what happened here.

The coverup of the coverup continues. How can these same police officers be tasked with solving a case they unsolved?

The media needs to focus on the Aruba Dirty Police and demand a timeline for their actions since they are unwilling to piece together a timeline for Natalee.

When asked to explain this mistake, Ms. Schippers stated on Fox News in July, "we don't like to talk about that."

The Van der sloots misdirected the police twice in the most crucial moments in any missing person's case and Aruba is obssessed with Dr. Phil?

Just why did Joran need to change his story at all? Why? What difference would it make? Could it be he had to seperate himself from the Kalpoe's?

If they stuck to the "dropped her at the hotel" story what would be diffferent today?