Saturday, November 26, 2005

Condoleeza Rice: Am I safe in Aruba?

Washington D.C.

What if it were 100 American women that were murdered by a local in Aruba? Just when does it becomes a security issue?

The State Department responds to a request for help from a foreign country in writing yet remains silent when an American family needs a response?

This is not acceptable.

We are not sheep like the Arubans and don't assume you care. The U.S. State Department stands by when millions of it's citizens are asking for answers? You have the authority to demand answers. How about a few simple answers for us? What mistakes were made and by whom? Why were they made and why are the same people who arrested the security guards entrusted to bring justice to an american family?

Ms. Rice, you need to respond to the people you represent and not Aruba.

Aruba's request regarging it's corruption is to ask the U.S. to look the other way or else innocent people will be harmed. Innocent people have been harmed!

Do you realize there is no one in Aruba representing Natalee? It's open season on Americans to be killed while the local authorities look the other way. Please gives us a sign you are aware of this. Please let us know you are aware that the reason the Aruban authorities are not communicating is they have nothing to communicate. There is no investigation.

Will you at least let the citizens know why they should feel safe travelling to Aruba?

We assume you are concerned. Yet we assumed the Chief Prosecutor turned Chief Public Defender was concerned too. But she turned out to be covering for the suspects family.

What are you doing if anything? There will come a day when you ask for out vote. Well we want your vote now. Is Aruba safe and why? This is about politics, race, class, corruption and most important of all, the murder of an american.

I want to believe you wouldn't wear heels on the beach.