Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Deepak Rape Tape Trap Part 2


We are to believe that the Jamie Skeeters tape was neatly placed in line and because of a backlog it will be analyzed in the order received?

And Gerold Dompig is the Easter Bunny.

As with high level politics, there will not be a yes or no to their authenticity. The answer is already known. What took so long is how to make the findings public.

Holland and Aruba have a big problem.

The FBI and State Department already know the answer to whether they are legitimate or not. For Holland to air publicly they are doctored would be saying the FBI got it wrong.

Even more risky is to come out and say they are authentic. Considering what has gone on so far this would ignite an even greater attack on Natalee than we have seen to date.

The defense lawyers will have to get out in front of this and start claiming a number of things, none of which will sit well with the U.S.

We will start to hear that it was consensual sex. Imagine the sound of Arlene Schippers saying Natalee had consensual sex with Joran, Deepak and Satish?

In fact, don't be surprised if the next Paulus van der sloot led campaign via Arubatruth begins to float that concept. Or they always have the "everybody lies" argument to fall back on.

The absolute fury that would ensue any insinuation that this was a consensual situation will be far worse than what we've seen so far. Why would Joran van der sloot in his last public statement say he did not have sex with Natalee? Only now, the Aruba defense team would have to claim there was consensual sex. So confirmation would mean either Joran is lying again or Deepak was lying on the tape.

More lies. Will the lying be tolerated, again? Of course it will.

Can you spell INCONCLUSIVE?

We are not waiting for results, we're waiting for a political statement.

What kind of precedent is going on here where there are no consequences for lying? How did lying become a defense strategy?

Because this is Paulus Van der sloot's investigation, this lie will be placed on Deepak to protect Joran.

It will be called an authenitc lie by Deepak.

The smearing of Natalee could get very ugly.

For a prosecutor acting like a Public Defender who couldn't convince the court that Paulus is suspicious we can't expect anything to come of these authentic tapes. Just more dog and pony show.

Everybody lies.