Sunday, December 04, 2005

Aruba's "Man of the Year"


John Pauly, the media consultant hired by Aruba months ago has brought in an ex-coworker in Philadelphia to interpret the Aruba "story" with it's own brand of revisionist history.

Richard Cohen, American, is the new offical spokesperson for Aruba.

"For the past 20 months Cohen has been producing low-budget and independant films in Los Angeles, in addition to doing consulting work related to TV news."

He partners with Pauly, no doubt the two of them combined are being paid more cash in a year than the combined compensation for the investigative team.

Cohen is actually being brought in to explain this story for the American market.

Are you going to change the flavor in an effort to protect those who are paying you?

What a dumb question. Of course you are.

Jorge Pesquera, President and CEO of the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association (AHTA) said it was a consensus by the Aruban Tourist Authority to appoint Cohen and "he has been doing a great job behind the curtains." The translation is things have been totally screwed up and nothing has worked so far, if we pay you alot of money, can you clean up the script? That woman under your desk Mr. Cohen is Arlene Ellis Schippers. John Pauly pimped her. A Dutch girl protecting Aruba taking orders from 2 American men in Aruba.

John Pauly and Richard Cohen are taking their piece. The sharks are feeding on the decaying corpse of Aruba.

Who do they have to thank? Joran van der sloot and the kalpoes? Paulus van der sloot?

They have to thank ADP's Man of the Year, Dennis Jacob.

The lead investigator has been there from the beginning. To the outside world, the lack of urgency in acting on what was obvious and instead, arresting 2 innocent security guards is where the story blew up. Jacobs protected, was loyal and followed orders. He has suceeded.

The spin machine will not address the important issues and only refer to them as "the investigation." Jacobs has managed to keep his job despite his employer's largest customer organizing a growing boycott. Despite this revenue stream hit, he is still getting paid.

And for another 3 weeks so is Paulus van der sloot.

These people must be in to something very troubling to continue to be protected or else why is Aruba throwing more good money at a bad story?

Joining Karin Janssen, recently named "Woman of the Year" by a local paper as the 2 most responsible for finding justice for Natalee have been recognized. Because to them, Natalee is not the victim. It's as if they knew when they had a dead American girl on their hands, they were all about to be victims. They saw their survival as enduring until it "blew over."

They gambled and lost. It's hard to walk away when your losing isn't it? Just one more hand and you can exit with momentum right Karin and Dennis?

Dennis Jacobs, by not be able to feed Dutch law with enough evidence controlled the execution of a script written by the director Paulus van der sloot. The one with the most to lose. The one, along with the help of Dennis Jacobs, have controlled the evidence.

No doubt Jacobs and Cohen will take in more than the 1.25 million available to produce Natalee. So now they will reproduce Natalee for Aruba, only in a way that is just a larger version of an ad campaign.

We have heard from many sources intimating that they know Joran is guilty but need proof. But we're told Jacobs and his team are working around the clock to solve this case but offered no proof. We're told to believe Karin Janssen wants to solve this case yet she hasn't communicated with the family since August. Can't face them no doubt. The not returning call routine is not unique. We've all seen it. Karin Janssen, however, can't say "she's been really busy."

Dennis Jacob is the reason there is a story here. If it took him 10 days to realize the guards were innocent and that Joran and the others had lied than this could be a long story. But we know that isn't the case.

Dennis Jacobs is scrambling, to find a way out intact. To exit without being publicly implicated as complicit. And now he has media consultants paid to market his story as a "mystery." Arubans as vicitims. But they never say victims of whom?

The truth of what happened here lies with Dennis Jacobs. It's all Aruba has left as leverage.

It's a high wire act and Jacobs is out there holding this story hostage. The lead investigator, the witness, the suspect and the accomplice. For that, ADP thinks he deserves to join Karin Janssen in the gazeebo as "Man of the Year."