Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Van der sloot Christmas in Aruba

The holiday season. Joran is coming home from college. Anita is decorating her classroom with the students.

Paulus is home cleaning and taking calls from his lawyer, still getting paid by Aruba. Meeting John Pauly for drinks.

No doubt Paulus saved the biggest gift basket for Dennis Jacob. "Thanks for a job not done really well." Love, The Van der sloots.

A time for the family right Paulus and Anita? Will Natalee cross your mind when you look at Joran? Any idea where she might be this Christmas? Her parents would like to say "I love you" to their daughter. Any chance you might want to help them out?

"Look in other directions", right Anita?

Well Anita at the van der sloot Christmas table, you'll be the only one looking in the right direction, if you can.

Right into the eyes of Joran and Paulus Van der sloot.

What exactly will you be celebrating? Will there be champagne to toast a New Year?

You've stolen the identity of Aruba, been complicit to your son's predatory behavior and now are hosting a murderer for the Holidays.

Anita, you can't escape looking like Shelly Winters in "the Poseiden Adventure." At least she died trying to save others. You, leave no room for redemption.

Don't forget to send a card to the the Judge, your husband's friend, Rik Smid.

You know your son is lying, still cannot account for his actions that night. He murdered Natalee and your husband helped him dispose of her body.

Silent Night, Holy Night...Anita