Sunday, December 11, 2005

Aruba Hires Security Guards


The Aruba Hotel and Travel Association (AHTA) has hired Mickey Johns and Abraham Jones to be silent spokesperson's for the Island of Aruba.

Jeff Lesker of AHTA released this statement: "We're excited about the opportunity to bring these men on board. For these men to cut out their tongues to accept employment and the compensation that goes with it shows a tremendous amount of committment."

"They are still suspects in the case but there is no evidence that they should be prevented from working," said Lesker.

Steve Cohen, looking suspiciously like Christof, is excited about Joran's return to Aruba. The younger van der sloot, who he calls "Truman", will be greeted by locals as soon as he can find actual locals who will stand outside and cheer when told for $5/hour.

Mr. Cohen, refused to address the recent Dompig meltdown or the one timeline that is just as mysterious as Joran's. The time the "lie" or "dropped her at the hotel" story was formulated by Joran, Paulus and the Kalpoes until the time the security guards were arrested still goes undiscussed.

Aruba is admitting it screwed up. But with the same people in place, how can it be said Aruba is safe? What exactly were the mistakes?

How and why do Janssen and Jacobs still have jobs? Only if you're happy with the work they've done or not done up to this point.

Janssen and Jacobs. Have they failed or succeeded?

So we have a Chief of Police that has been formally silenced. Joining Janssen and Jacobs. The main suspects father still on the payroll of Aruba, suing for damages and never having his property searched. The security guards are speechless.

It's a tough sell to ask Americans to spend their money in Aruba.

It's really simple, as go the Van der sloots, so goes Aruba.

Will we see a cheering crowd John and Steve? Or will we see the van der sloots shunned?

Janssen and Jacobs. Have they failed or succeeded?