Monday, December 19, 2005

Aruba Budget: Plundered by the Van der sloots

It must be really bad, to keeping denying the obvious, and pointing fingers in "other directions."

Nobody believes your delusional denials and weak attempt to place blame.

Hinting at money constraints, experience constraints, lying constraints and the family interference factor, the Aruban Delegation appears to have trotted out it's spreadsheet analysis of the situation.

Any mention of the Paulus factor?

ArubaTruth comes to Washington to tell us that Aruba spent 40% of it's security budget on the Natalee Holloway disappearence.

So? What's in the budget? Or, who's in the budget?

The arbirtrary nature of the word budget is equivilant to asking "what's the meaning of life."

EguuSeaarch was volunteering yet you sent them away? The FBI is available, yet you say "don't call us, we'll call you."

Just how much of the Van der sloot defense team expenses have you picked up? Or did you just save them money? And the settlements with the security guards and Paulus van der sloot, do they come out of the budget?

Who's paying for the media men, John Pauly and Steve Cohen? Did you carve them out of a few investigator spots in that budget?

You're laws may be different but the budget process isn't. And like this investigation, you're sticking your finger in air trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing.

Paulus Van der sloot continues to be compensated. His property remains unsearched and he is now legally not a suspect. Despite the opinion of the Chief Prosecutor and the Chief of Police.

Would we even be here if there was no Paulus Van der sloot? But he'll be gone before you wake up and admit you've been victimized, not by Natalee's family but by the Van der sloots. Probably right after the mysterious fire at the Van der sloot residence.

Paulus Van der sloot has been protected. Van der sloot is the one who the KIA warden had to apologize to personally on MSNBC for saying bad things about Joran and referred to him as "Paul." A nice companion piece to Beth's public apology. He was silenced, Dompig was silenced, the security guards and the Prosecutor. Aruba wants us to believe it's to prevent damaging the evidence and it's value in court.

Something about being asked questions bothers the Aruba elite. No doubt borne from the same logic that doesn't place consequences for lying to authorities.

The Aruba self serve legal system allowed Paulus Van der sloot to be first in line. But now we hear that "leaks" may have prevented some surveillance in the early days. No doubt forgetting about Paulus's legal conference at his house with the Kalpoe's.

Natalee was missing and you were going to eavesdrop on the suspects when her life was in danger. Or did you know she was already dead?

Arresting the security guards was a tactic too I guess?

It worked well for the Van der sloots.