Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Aruba Police Drop Natalee on the Beach


If an American goes missing today in Aruba, there will be no investigation

A union work stoppage over "an investigation into the investigation." An investigation by Aruba and the Police are using Natalee Holloway as leverage? Calling Condoleeza Rice!

Why to most people does this seem like a good idea except to the Police Union?

You may not have gathered or destroyed enough evidence to convict the murderer Joran van der sloot but you, by your blackmail, have given the U.S. State Department enough evidence to declare Aruba a safety risk to all it's citizens.

It's time to turn out the lights on Aruba Ms. Rice. It is clearly unsafe when an American girl and her mom have been treated this way and now used as leverage to prevent a performance review of a still unsolved crime with no one in custody.

Ms. Rice, you essentially control more than 70% of the revenue stream to this country and if there was ever a time to remind Aruba, now would be it.

Karin Janssen's list of failures in just this case is long and she showed a lack of leadership. The fact that agents for Arubatruth had more access to her than the family is reason enough to suspect her of losing sight of her job. She simply forgot about Natalee Holloway. A Prosecutor turned van der sloot defense attorney will have to turn over her file. A woman of titanic cruelty probably already looking for work elsewhere. Or was it on your August vacation to Holland that you knew you were over your head? Now the police department has "dropped Natalee on the beach."

Who will be next?

Jan Van der straaten:

On June 11, Jan Van der straaten was asked by a Dutch jounalist if he had any hopes for a postitive outcome? Straaten replied, "you always have to be hoepful, but I don't believe anymore that we will find Natalee alive.? When asked why not, he replied, "because I know the details and you don't." But he's retired, or in hiding.

Dennis Jacobs: (When approached by Natalee's father who was looking for her)

"How much money do you have?"

It's all coming down to the Aruba Dirty Police. As it should. The last ones standing when the flush is complete. Unions oblivious to their biggest customer displaying a lack of business acumen as well as revealing their corrupt ties to the defendant's father.

The Dirty Aruban Police Force that doesn't want their work questioned or reviewed. Displaying the same strategy as the Van der sloot defense team.

The Police Union is upset that there is an investigation of the investigation. Only in Aruba can that be considered progress. Is there any more evidence to hide?

Aruba is crawling towards Dennis Jacobs. You can't hide what you haven't done forever Mr. Jacobs. We're only waiting for official word of your corruption. Or you could offer yourself as a witness before you are forced to become a suspect?

Standing before you that second night were the Kalpoes and Joran van der sloot. Was it not suspicious that the 3 just happened to be together in the middle of the night at Paulus's house? On a school night? They told you a story. Admitting to taking Natalee for some sightseeing and then dropped her at the hotel. And you believed them?

You want us to believe you?

Next to them are the security guards. The 3 boys pointing at them. Were they treated differently? The had a story too. The difference is they were telling the truth. But you decided to pursue them for the next 10 days, why? Why were they not believed and the Kalpoes and van der sloot were?

Paulus van der sloot, that's why.

Racism, Favoritism, what ism to describe this blunder away? Not one of you didn't think that these 3 left a bar with Natalee and she was never seen again and you didn't find that suspicious enough? But you found their story believable enough to barge into the security guards homes and arrest them in front of their families and news cameras?

You want us to believe you?

The van der sloot home still has not been searched. Is this Ms. Janssen's fault or the Dirty Police?

3 more sitting ducks. Van der straaten, Van der sloot and Jacobs. The Police were duped by Paulus, assuming he was on the "right" side of the law. This time it was him against Beth and his colleagues lost sight of who was on the "right" side of the law. It was too late to move from denial to reality. The Aruba Police were manipulated by Paulus with lies and the belief that this was just a missing girl.

Aruba is over. It's survival as they've known it now dependant on denying access to what the Police have done with this case. If you had your best friend as a business partner you may overlook some indescretion but murder? And at the cost of losing your largest, by far, customer?

It's time to hold Paulus and his son accountable. If not, the whole of Aruba will die without redemption.

Dompig was another spokesperson parrotting the Van der sloot strategy? "Look in other directions"?

Just why did Dompig trash Beth and Natalee? Coming from the Chief of Police is sounds like a defense strategy. Wasn't it Joran in his last public statement blaming Natalee?

More talking points from Paulus?

Was he laying the groundwork for your last way out? For Joran to claim it was "an accident" and find resolution that doesn't include looking at Jacobs, van der straaten and Paulus van der sloot?

Is this the same tactic used when Joran confessed to Natalee's murder only to have it retracted? Who retracted the report? Arubatruth? Not the correct thing to say?

It isn't going to work. People inside the investigation are pointing fingers. All this to cover the "mistakes" of the first 48 hours when you were all duped by Paulus.

You were standing in front of the guilty within 24 hours after she disappeared. They were all together in the middle of the night spinning a lie.

The Aruba Dirty Police bit the bait. Can it be any clearer. Joran van der sloot murdered Natalee Holloway, and with it , Aruba.

The lack of evidence is the evidence.