Friday, December 16, 2005

Schippers Comes to Bloomingdale's

What's it like Arlene, defending the Van der sloots?

Flying to Washington thinking you're some type of diplomat. Do you ever think of Natalee? She was going to be a doctor.

She was raped and murdered not far from you home. And you know exactly who's guilty.

Anything that doesn't include, "Jan van der straaten cut his friend and co-worker a break and gave him time to destroy evidence" will be an incomplete description of what has gone on in your swamp of cuntry you call home.

Are you going to pitch the Van der straaten security tax, imposed on all American tourists, who may need insurance to pay for an investigation? Or will it be the Jacobs Tax?

If Condoleeza Rice comes by, she's the Secretary of State, so don't snap your fingers and ask for more water. Do your powerpoint and you can make it to Bloomies before they close.

You still think we don't know. You think we need the Dutch Legal System to tell us.

How are you going to condense what is going on in the investigation into a short presentation, say 60 minutes? Oh, what I mean is what are you going to do with the remaining 59 minutes after you say "nothing."

Or you could tell a very simple truth.

Just say, "Jan van der straaten, Dennis Jacobs, Paulus van der sloot, Joran van der sloot and Karin Janssen."

We'll know what you mean.

Then, at last, we'll be on the same page.