Monday, December 19, 2005

Size Matters to Arlene: Aruba Planning more Murders


Reports from Aruba claiming a 7% rise in tourism having given way to talks on the effects of murdering tourists.

Arelene Shippers from the task force was quoted as saying, "that means if we have 10 more murders, tourism will rise 70%!"

Ms. Shippers was happy to show the "file" to Rep. Bachus. How a member of ArubaTruth is allowed to carry the prosecution's file must be one of the hard to understand things about Dutch Law.

She was impressed by the size of the file. Rep. Bachus himself was quoted as taking notice.

The Dompig experiment seems to have failed. Having the Chief of Police as the spokesperson for ArubaTruth he suddently wasn't commenting on the "3 are guilty as hell" but trashing Natalee and Beth to Vanity Fair.

In the spokesperson role for ArubaTruth he began touting the "look in other directions" scenario first suggested in August to CBS news courtesy of Anita van der sloot. I wonder if they ever search the VDS property will they only search her side of the bed?

No word on whether the Strategic Task Force is going to recruit Joran Van der sloot to murder some more. He probably is negotiating to make sure Paulus is on the payroll first.

Either way, he will kill again.