Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Aruba: The Pardoning of Paulus van der sloot

Aruba is gambling on American's ability to forget and move on. "This will blow over" strategy. The U.S. is trying to pressure Aruba to tire of protecting Jan van der straaten.

The former Chief of Police and good friend of Joran van der sloot has done the equivalant of what departing U.S. Presidents do when they will no longer be returning to office.

They Pardon those that have been "friends." Essentially erasing a record that criminal activity ever happened.

Think Marc Rich, one of the most wanted criminals in the U.S. getting a pardon from Bill Clinton.

Free from the backlash or accountability, like the outgoing President, Jan van der straaten was on the bubble, retiring, earned benefits, a lame duck.

He essentially gave a pass to his friend Paulus van der sloot, giving him time to clean up any evidence and now he's danced out of the picture.

His silence, and the security guards silence is getting louder.