Monday, January 02, 2006

Spencer van der Bachus: Sphincter Boy

Alabama, 6th district:

We warned you, but you tried. Your friends are at it again.

Couldn't resist the strap-on from Arubatruth?

Did Arlene at least give you the courtesy of a reach around?

I know, she's frigid, discourteous and a little Stepford wifey in that Aruba kind of way but, come on... Why did you give this proven liar an audience?

So now what are you going to do? Being a politician, you probably bend over alot so donors can shove cash up you ass but can you make an exception in this case?

Speak out and I'll drop some rolls of laundry quarters in your freshly plowed piggy bank.

Did they offer you a condo on the beach next to the security guards?

Your silence is very unbecoming of someone who is considered a straight shooter. Someone briefed on the case about information Natalee's parents don't have access to?

There is an endless cycle of unaccountable crimes. This one is bad.

What's the difference if they showed us the tape like some Middle Eastern beheading?

Yes it's political. Think base voters. Take a stand. They outmaneuvered you by not allowing any representation of Natalee at a meeting they now tout in their annual report.

Did you check the Arubatruth website at least? They refused Beth's attorney to be present?

YOU SHOULD HAVE DEMANDED THAT MS. SCHIPPERS WAIT OUTSIDE!!!!! Don't you know all roads lead back to the van der sloot defense team?

When you bent over did you manage to grab your ankles or could you only reach your knees?

You know, if you embrace the downward dog, you may even be able to open the bank a little wider.

It's got ratings, a great opportunity for a budding politician.

Speak up now Spencer or forever hold your little piece.

And now the high road: Excellent post and excellent site with great advice on where this needs to go now.