Thursday, December 29, 2005

Aruba Preparing to Drop Natalee Holloway on the Beach

Where are the innocent people of Aruba we are being told would be harmed by a boycott? We never see them.

We see the American Julia Renfro telling us about them. Or Arlene Schippers or Jeff Lasker another cowardly American.

Why are all these people speaking as if that class of people are separate from themselves? Are they saying they are not innocent or are they saying they will not be personally hurt, but others will?

We've seen the type. Athletes saying, "it's not about the money." Yeah sure. Or politicians saying that campaign contributions have nothing to do with the way they vote. Yeah sure.

Julia, Arlene, Jeff, John Pauly and anyone else that wants to hide behind the "innocent" people of Aruba who are you? You think you're richer or more educated so an American boycott won't effect you. Yeah sure.

A minimum wage local losing their job is more catastrophic than say Julia Renfro losing her income? Who has more to lose? It doesn't matter anyway, Aruba doesn't need U.S. Dollars. Yeah right.

The Head of the Aruba Police Union Mr. Zaadam has said: "I want to believe that the people rest assured that justice is proceeding as it should."

That's exactly what a complete boycott will be. Justice proceeding as it should.

So who will hire Paulus van der sloot now? Steve Cohen clued us in that the case will be complete in 8-10 weeks. With all the expenses even a rich guy needs to work. It's a cash flow thing and how much housecleaning can one man do? He's been leveraging the truth with the "I know something you don't know" pitch.

The truth, like cash, is held in varying amounts. But the facts around what happened to Natalee, where she is now, and who is helping cover it up, are mostly held with Paulus Van der sloot. He has the most truth/leverage.

It's probable that Joran van der sloot doesn't know how much each FOP (friend of Paulus) is involved in protecting the Van der sloot. After all this is stuff for adults with experience and connections. Paulus has had paid media people, Pauly and Cohen on his side. Arubatruth and 14 full time investigators working to defend him. All while still on the payroll.

But there is no doubt, Paulus Van der sloot has used the facts about Natalee to distract, defend and attack, all to prevent anyone from taking his truth as he pushes his pencil creating stories.

Worlwide coverage of an event where the whole of Aruba is on trial? Nanny state employees sure blew a boatload of publicity and wasted money again.

Think Arubatruth. It's so blandly corporate I forgot Dilbert was on the Aruba payroll also.

There is a girl living right now that will by fate meet Joran van der sloot. Her life will be in danger.

If a girl goes missing in Aruba tonight and she was last seen with Joran van der sloot what would be different?

What's the Aruban definition of a search? It doesn't include the van der sloot property or the landfill. What's the fee to dispose of bodies in an Aruba landfill?

Aruba continues to hold Natalee hostage. Her case not even shared with her mother. The arrogance and cruelty is almost unimagineable.

Even those that are convinced that the van der sloot and the Kalpoe brothers are responsible for Natalee's disappearance cannot fathom the extent of how barbaric this crime is. They say, she may have died accidentally or from a drug and alcohol overdose. Still unable to comprehend anything more vicious. The truth is just too unsettling.

But to water down the possibilities because the truth is so bad the defenders don't want to believe these 3 could be capable of such horrific crimes.

Most people just cannot accept the extremes that human beings are capable of. This whole case has shown such extreme behaviour. Appreciating Dave and Beth's courage and strength is a challenge but feels right. Starting with Beth, the trashing of anyone that, maybe for the first time in their lives, stands up for justice and commits to it, the hate is eye opening even for people who think they've seen it all.

Accepting the depravity of Joran Van der sloot, Paulus Van der sloot, Deepak Kalpoe and Satish kalpoe is challenging, unsettling and leaves a scar.

Even the ways your mind conjures up justice can be revealing. Every person following this case has been lit up at some point.

No pain is too unjust for the van der sloot, Jan van der straaten, Dennis Jacobs, Paulus van der sloot or Karin Janssen.

The poor innocent people of Aruba? The collateral damage Aruba whines about shows their arrogance and hate. Unable to get off their own island. When they speak, those that hear, care less.

Only fuels the rage, the same type of rage that Joran van der sloot directed at Natalee Holloway. His violent male psycopathic hate.

His juvenile misogyny.

Fortunately it doesn't happen often but the violent level of anger and desire for revenge or justice, whichever word makes you feel better, is so evident with the van der sloot.

I first noticed it in the Death Wish movies with Charles Bronson. I remember the audience cheering when he blew criminals away. Taking out revenge for his family's brutal random assault. Clint Eastwood went after the ones specifically responsible in his dramas. But I never heard cheering like when Bronson blew away any criminal to bring a small measure of alignment to the world.

A shotgun blast to the faces of the van der sloot would bring the same reaction. I wonder if Aruba would care, it the tide was turned?

Would the murder of the van der sloot be prosecuted? Is it in the budget? Or, is it just economical to arrest the security guards again. After all, nanny states have a lot of mouths to feed.

Paulus had less than 24 hours to come up with the hotel lie. He had a week to come up with the "dropped her at the beach" lie. Although he did separate Joran from the Kalpoes at that point. Why? Now he's had 7 months to concoct a new story. But he still can't make the pieces fit into a timeline. Paulus is trapped, so either the case is dropped or they need the guards again. But the guards have been spoken to. So look for the case to remain " a mystery" and some part of the Dutch Law, yet to be written, keeps the file closed for as long as it takes Paulus to envision his next story.

Nothing personal against Natalee right Joran? She was just a girl. So who were you preying on that night? Who instilled the sense of entitlement in you?

Joran didn't drop her at the beach.

Aruba, for the first time, is preparing to do it right now.