Monday, January 02, 2006

Noblesse Oblige in Aruba: The Van der sloot Plea Bargain

Dutch law was not meant for the noblesse oblige...

...when Paulus and Joran van der sloot are out of reach from the law they'll tell their newest version of the story. But Paulus van der sloot knows she's not just missing. He knows she's gone and he knows where she is. The arrogance of telling us they are withholding information until the case is over is a stalling tactic and a de facto plea bargain.

No Paulus, it's over when you are brought to justice, one way or another. For now, Aruba is paying for you're actions and those of your son.

Should be interesting to see who hires you.

But for now van der sloot is plea-bargaining. Despite the fact that Dutch Law doesn't provide for it, Paulus continues to make it work for him in Aruba.

Paulus van der sloot twice encouraged his son and the Kalpoes to lie to the police.

In return for backdoor communications of where Natalee is, Paulus wants to be free from prosecution and the same for his son. Only then, will he have finished writing his story, mostly blaming Natalee. Joran as the victim. So Aruba tells the Holloway's to be patient until there are no legal options. The continuing conspiracy in Aruba.

It's up to the largest customer of Aruba to render judgement now. A complete boycott the perfect response. No, it may not bring back Natalee but it will be justice for a populace of cowards. Your minister of Justice cowers, afraid to release tourism numbers for the past 6 months while telling it's people there is no effect.

Cowardly to still refer to the Holloway effect and not the Van der sloot effect. Too cowardly to question the Dutch Law we are lectured about. Let the clock run out, then throw up your hands.

Are you even a country, or do you just play one on TV?

Gerold Dompig was there when Joran confessed. What disinformation campaign? The van der sloots are a disinformation campaign.

He was also there when Jan van der straaten stepped in. Hopefully the new liver won't take and the corrupt pickled in vodka Dirty Policeman can go have a talk with Natalee.

He is the witness to exactly why he can't proove what he knows, that "the 3 are guilty as hell."

Chief Dompig what exactly are the 3 guilty as hell of? How did you come to this conclusion?

But Dompig is being manipulated. Being advised by legal minds that information he reveals may damage the case. What they mean is, "keep it a mystery until the van der sloots are legally free from prosecution and we'll move on.

How do you expect witnesses to come forward when their leaders do not? Dompig was a good choice as spokesperson, until he bought the PR campaign. He is a decent man tainted by the van der sloot virus. Did you get the copy of "High Noon" we sent you?

The KIA warden didn't lie, yet he was suspended and forced to apologize. And Beth's apology alone is enough to enjoy Aruba's assisted suicide.

Apologizing for the truth?

We don't need a judge from Curacao coming to Aruba to tell us what went on here. He is merely deciding on the quality of work of the aruba dirty police and the prosecutor's office. Paulus''s office.

A complete boycott is our decision. If you go hungry, take it up with the Judge.

You took a van der sloot lie as a clue and went after the security guards. You took the second lie as fact to "look in other directions." You took a van der sloot lie to arrest the Kalpoe's on premeditated murder and rape. You are using a van der sloot lie to smear Natalee and cast suspicion on MB students without a single shred of evidence or a corroborated timeline for the van der sloot and Kalpoe's.

You talk about evidence and yet again, you are taking the lies of the van der sloots to "look in other directions" without evidence. Somehow trying to bring the MB students under suspicion again borne out of stories of the van der sloots.

Dave and Beth Holloway have inspired support in their simplistic desire to bring their daughter home. To honor the promise that arises when you first lay eyes on your child.

The Aruba Brand no longer conjures up beaches and sun. It's all about the murdering van der sloots and those who coddled and protected them.

What's your marketing plan for the new year? Rehire Paulus van der sloot to help in the investigation? Blame Natalee?

Explain the one question you keep avoiding. How, why and who took a van der sloot coordinated lie as evidence to go after 2 innocent men? Why was the van der sloot lie given more weight than the guards truth? Who's budget paid to silence the security guards?

Aruba van der sloot.

Here's a phrase you know: Last call. Take one more shot Dompig, you may be the last hope.