Monday, January 16, 2006

Aruba: A Woman for the Ages

Don't you just wish you could write the ending to this story?

Replace the current writer, Paulus van der sloot,with a human being.

A lone figure rises from a place where concern for life and human decency have deteriorated. A person who stares down corruption and greed.

Someone who goes right to the source and put's a bullet between his eyes.

The guilty community looks the other way (again) and doesn't have the energy to protest anymore because they've spent it avoiding their own shame. Spent it on attacking the wrong target. They wish "they" could have done it themselves but they knew it needed to be done.

Movies have always made these heroes men. Big, mysterious, violent and with a rigid moral code. Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Charles Bronson etc. But they are just actors, iconic but not real.

But we have a real hero in this case.

How ironic, how beautiful and powerful it's a woman.

Beth Holloway Twitty is not the archetype and that upsets people. They can't get past the facade and see the fire inside. The dormant qualities explode and in full bloom.

She is real and an icon. If you need People magazine to tell you who the beautiful people are you're missing this moment. An epic moment.

There is no more beautiful woman in the world that Beth Twitty. Displaying the range of qualities that scares insecure teenagers and pompous Dutch beauraucrats. It's animalistic without the brutality.

The usual artillary was brought out to try to diminish her. The slander, the cowardly smear of Natalee's reputation by those who didn't know her. It exists because it works most of the time. Cowardly men hate to be challenged. But their anger reveals their fear and fuels the misogyny.

The power of Beth Twitty and her stunning courage is destroying little men like Paulus van der sloot, Dennis Jacobs and anyone else Aruba wants to front.

We don't need the Dutch Legal System to define anything.

Her motherly rage and fury in the face of a mountain of corruption is an epic moment if you care to see it.

She's like anyone else? Maybe. But there are those moments when one person's call to arms is everyone's wake up call.

The van der sloot's weren't paying attention, and their failure cost Natalee her life and gave rise to a woman the likes of which Paulus van der sloot has never seen. The kind a woman that Carin Janssen cannot even look in the eye.

And the kind of woman Joran van der sloot didn't know existed.

The few adults in Aruba think they can wash their hands of accountability. That's Natalee's story. But the story of Beth Twitty is the one the adults don't want to face.

I tell everyone I meet the importance of this story. You can tell it from many angles, the juvenile Arubans, the corrupt government, the slime that is the van der sloots, the father/son dysfunction, but there is one story that leaves it's mark.

It's the story of Beth Holloway Twitty. If you can't get behind her, what can you endorse in this life?

A beautiful woman, still fighting for her daughter. Unafraid of the bloated van der sloots and the van der strattens and Dennis Jacobs. The greedy americans in Aruba and the punks like Arlene Shippers, Jeff Lesker and Julia Renfro. All just whining cowards in the face of real courage.

She's iconic and real.

"I wanted to make sure that she would be as proud of me as I am of her in accomplishing our one goal and that is to find Natalee."

An epic woman, an epic moment if you have the courage to see it.