Friday, January 13, 2006

Aruba: Natalee Lying Between Lies?

What if Tim Miller finds Natalee's remains?

We know the second van der sloot lie (dropped her on the beach) may have been more believable if told first. But if Nalalee is found at the spot now targeted we'll know that the second story could not have been dreamed up and told that first night.

Because she wasn't put there yet. Or Paulus was not informed of the truth to write another story.

If they find Natalee in this spot in the ocean it would confirm she was taken there between van der sloot lies. It would mean that she was still on the island that first night.

This old tip is not a tip. It had to come from someone who knows who, how and when Natalee was taken to the spot Tim Miller is going to look. Someone on the boat. A suspect or a witness. And you couldn't convince a judge to hold this person?

So if it was someone else, why are they not in custody? How can the Investigating team produce this lead yet without a suspect or witness who would have been on that boat?

If Natalee is found than doesn't that make Dompig's stonewall obvious. Tim Miller was there months ago and Dompig shut him down. If in fact she is there, Dompig would know the credibility of the source. So he would have shut Equusearch down even though he knew she was in the exact same spot Tim Miller will be searching in the coming weeks?

If she's found are we to believe a police department could prove where she is yet can't hold anyone accountable? The boycott doesn't end with Natalee, it just begins.

The Dirty Cops. More cruel and sadistic behavior on the part of the principles in this case.

Does Aruba really think if Natalee's remains are found you'll be able to keep where the information came from a secret?

Is this your plea bargain?

Aruba wanted the van der sloots motion to prevent the FBI from looking at evidence. The ALE didn't want to be seen as stonewalling, they wanted cover. If not, they would have involved the FBI more deeply and much earlier.

Beth is a target yet the Aruba Dirty Police sit back while Paulus van der sloot is essentially calling them incompetent and wants compensation. Where's the outrage? The outrage by the U.S. over the Dirty Police is called unfair and hurting the innocent but when Paulus van der sloot goes into a Dutch Court to say the same thing, and ask for compensation, where's the outrage?

And just exactly who is hurting the innocent people of Aruba?

Paulus essentially continued to work with the Police Department in the same manner as always, trying to write the story. The power of a judge, to influence the meaning of right and wrong.

Why did you want to become a judge? Why did you become a lawyer? Why did you become a police officer?

What is Paulus van der sloot protecting? When is someone in Aruba going to stand up and protect the next van der sloot victim?

When Joran said he would tell us more in the future he really meant once his father wrote the story and told him what to say. After a life of "looking the other way" Paulus now must somehow defend that, defend all of Aruba just looking the other way.

A horror show of adult dysfuntion and irresponsibility.

Maybe it's easier, to not want to accept the brutality of this crime. How can anyone possibly think of Natalee and not feel rage at the van der sloots?

Paulus van der sloot knows where Natalee is? His son murdered her and called daddy.

He'll take care of it, just like always.