Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Mountain Brook Student Ruse


In another example of distract and delay started by Anita van der sloot in her August interview in which she suggested we "look in other directions" both the Chief of Police, local newspapers and Arubatruth have propped up the the Mountain Brook students as being crucial to solving this case.

What could they have to offer when the bar for truth telling has been dropped by Joran van der sloot and the Kalpoe's?

I'm happy that Aruba assumes the students would tell the truth but what's the difference?

If Joran van der sloot's first lie was taken as truth to arrest two security guards who were actually telling the truth how could whatever the students have to say matter?

Or will Aruba classify them in a way that compels truth in the hopes to catch someone in a lie and spin the tale of a mystery?

Suppose they were to say they saw Joran kill Natalee would that be acceptable in a prosecution?

You may have duped Bachus but the FBI doesn't trust your intentions.

Still no timeline for the van der sloots and Kalpoes. How can the students help you?

Why were the security guards property searched but not the suspects? How did Joran claim not to know who Natalee was when the police arrived then later said it was her that was pursuing him? Did she call him?

Dompig has said in the VF article that they are actually working from the theory that Joran really did drop her at the beach. Believing another lie. So that being the case, and Aruba now thinks his story is true, what could the students bring to the case?

Oh, I know. A student and part time hit man happened to find Natalee walking back from where Joran dropped her and killed her and disposed of her without a trace and with no witnesses.

Other than reading websites, what evidence is there to warrant speaking to the students? Yes of course, the same evidence you arrested the security guards with. The same evidence you arrested the Kalpoe's with on premeditated murder and rape.

The word of Joran van der sloot.

The real strategy here is to run out the clock or wait for another American disaster and drop the case.

Joran will kill again, and you will have more blood on your hands.