Monday, January 23, 2006

Aruba: Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

It's a good thing the ocean and the sand dunes don't have an attorney or they would never be searched again.

Prime Minister Oduber today called for an investigation into the activities of the police handling this case. Great words, great idea. But his spineless leadership has made this just another empty promise from an empty politician.

Aruba has an exit strategy. Integral in this strategy is diverting attention away from the dirty cop who at the critical moment, with the suspects right in front of him...

... went after the security guards.

This is no longer about covering for Paulus Van der sloot. It's about covering for the cops who not only didn't do the basic work they are paid to do, but sabatoged this investigation.

If it were just the Kalpoe's does anyone really think it would have went down this way? This is a police force ripe with racism and if your skin color is too dark you make up for it by kneeling before your Dutch Masters. Favoritsm based on being Dutch.

Gerold Dompig was silenced for speaking the truth about the murdering Van der sloot. He's risen not by outstanding service but by castrating himself for the Dutch elite.

As I've written before we are seeing a de facto plea bargain.

If Aruba thinks finding Natalee is going to end this sad saga they are again underestimating the rage, their own stupidity always on display. They subconsciously taunt their largest customer and in an excrutiatingly painful way, display an incompetence that makes giving up an option for the faint of heart.

Beth and Dave are not faint of heart. Their courage inspires, and Aruba has never seen the likes of them. The anti-americanism a sorry excuse when you consider these two. We're lucky and proud to call them our neighbors. And you have Paulus van der sloot. Parenting from a cubicle with his nose in Dutch Law.

How pathetic being your son's lawyer when you should be his father.

Dompig, Janssen and now Cohen have all said the 3 are guilty. The question you haven't answered is who brought us to this point? Janssen and Dompig have been officially silenced, Cohen soon to follow. In Aruba, when you speak the truth, you are told to shut up. But Cohen is different.

Steven Cohen is not beholden to Aruba and it's nanny state for work. He has covered his bets. Unlike Dompig and Janssen, he can command more money for his silence. If he isn't fired we'll know he's used his own leverage well.

Pay me or I'll talk. And he could tell quite a story, he's been there from the beginning.

How much money do you have Aruba?

Aruba has the tourism numbers but refuses to release them. Exactly what they are doing with Natalee. They just cannot figure a way out so they start lashing out, acting like the teenager they are defending. Even after all this time they cannot write a consistant story. It says something when you cannot even coordinate a lie.

That's how deep the corruption is and how horrific this crime was.

Prosecution is not possible in this case because it would not only include Paulus van der sloot but the dirty cop, Dennis Jacobs.

The Police in Aruba have closed ranks. Unwilling to police itself.

Are we seeing an internal turf war in Aruba? No doubt. We are also seeing a fishing expedition for a scapegoat. Interviewing the MB students just a farce after 8 months.

Reverse Logistics: Rik Smid back to Antonio Carlo back to Paulus van der sloot back to the security guards back to Dennis Jacobs back to Jan van der straaten back to Paulus van der sloot back to Joran van der sloot back to Natalee.

The one close to Dennis Jacobs, this is your moment, grasp it.