Thursday, February 02, 2006

Is Haley Barbour an %^&*&^%? Source Please?

What is a credible source anymore? If lying to authorities is permitted, journalistic ethics a groovy antiquated thing of the past. Should we bemoan this or celebrate it?

Somehow the old days of Walter Cronkite seem a little fascist and scary.

If Paulus van der sloot said "its raining outside," Aruba would break out the umbrellas. If Beth Twitty said "it's raining outside," Arubans are gonna get wet. If the NY Times says Haley Barbour is not an asshole, should we believe them? What's Jayson Blair's source?

The concept of sourcing is supposed to lend credibility to an individuals opinion.Why? It's probably based on someone else's opinion. What was the source of that source? Vanity Fair,Bon Dia or this blog. We root for our team regardless of facts. We want to believe, I'm picking the 49ers to win this sunday.

Can you even sit through a TV news program anymore? It's like having Gilbert Gottfried read the Riehl World View posts aloud to you. After a while you go insane.

That's why the guilty usually blame the media. It's when they report the truth about a person that the reaction says more than the story. The guilty deny and blame, deny and blame. It hurts when you touch an already sore spot and the new "ouch" is to blame the messenger.

Sometimes you can find facts by being wrong. There are those that feel obligated to point out errors in everything they see.

They can't help it, it's their compulsion.

So knowingly publishing something unconfirmed is bait to those people who love to point out even the most minute errors. Meanwhile they do the research and provide you with the very information you were looking for.

Age is also very noticeable even when hiding behind a screen name. Because the internet can expose generation gaps, the need to be right is a basic profiling technique. Until one matures to the point where being right is not important or defining of who they are, the anxiety is as clear as chewing bubble gum and twirling your finger through your hair.

When you're at an age where you are desperately struggling with an identity and spending your day toiling at school where right and wrong is the only way to measure yourself both regarding grades and social standing, it's intense.

Even the ability or inability to admit you're wrong says something about you, profiles you. How many generations have been told they must know the difference from right and wrong. Paulus, where were you?

The most common posters on this topic, sadly, don't have any information. Only, source please? You know, "innocent until proven guilty" or "alive until dead" or "water is wet."

Having names that are not real, or multiple names or avatars or monikers seems to be for the purpose to hide. But the opposite is true.

Who cares what someone's "real" identity is? These id's provide a way for people to actually communicate more truthfully and in the modern world of profiling, the words they use and how they use them are very revealing.

Teenage boys use monikers that make them like superheroes always trying to convey a sense of prowess. They use the word "big" before another name or Lord or God or King or Pimp. Teenage girls are prone to create waify cartoon character names, use smiley faces trying to be cute but the words are always a little rougher like street smart bad girls. They say, "get a life", "get a clue."

I mean look at the Pimps now? Do real pimps hide behind their daddies and mommies? That would be you Joran, Koen, Deepak and Satish.

In real life you're not Pimps, your Pimples.

Then there are the mother earth types who's names are meant to conjure up a giant spiritual hug, like a boy getting smooshed in grandma's enormous breasts.

What does it say about someone who google's their name? Most people have done it once or twice but what does it say about someone who does it multiple times a day?

On the internet, I'm a Southern California Mafia guy who was gunned down in the 60's.

So what does it mean when a blog posts a headline like "Rep. Bachus: Sphincter Boy" and gets hits from new countries, for the first time?

What kind of person google's "sphincter?" Obviously, Egyptians.

And if the title refers to Ms. Janssen's new book "My Vagina", why all the action from Japan?

Did you know that Jeff Lesker googles his name often? A tourism board lackey who is reading this right now because he google's his name. Hi Jeff? It's like yodeling from the top of a mountain: "Jeff, cawl me!"

And when you average a pretty consistent number of hits over a long period of time and post the name Gottenbos in the headline. What does it mean when the volume quadruples?

It could mean many things. If the volume from the Netherlands increases 20 fold it could mean it's a common name and people with that name google themselves often. But if the hits come from a place called the Hague and from different IP addresses, well there's alot of Gottenbos in the Hague who google their name or one guy with a serious amount of IP addresses and a big ego. Or it could be something else...

Is Julia Renfro the daughter of Phylis Diller? Source please?

And Haley Barbour, drag queens in Hollywood wear less makeup. This pompous ass sneezes and it's a powder bomb. Presidential aspirations? You can't help one of your constituents and you want to represent 300 million?

I heard you were an asshole, a big one, but I can't give you the source. It's a secret.