Tuesday, January 31, 2006

FBI Tells Aruba to Pound Sand

On a day when Paulus van der sloot told the court in Aruba that his reputation has been damaged and he and his family should be compensated the FBI told Aruba "enough of the BS already."

How ironic that as the van der sloot was airing his bullshit the ALE was asked for a reference before sending in the dogs. Even if the van der sloot is awarded money from his golf buddy, it comes at the expense of Aruba.

Protecting the van der sloot is costly isn't it Aruba?

Anyone who's ever bought stock on what they were told is a inside "tip" knows the only good information is illegal information.

And anyone that has done business with a company in free fall knows the frenetic sound of "everything is fine."

The FBI may delay the search in the dunes and yes, Aruba probably will not give up the source but we haven't drawn the river card yet either.

It's a good source because it's from someone Dutch.

Aruba style plea bargain under the radar of Dutch Law which doesn't allow it? Where's Ms. Schippers now?

It's pretty sweet to steal a line from the haters and ask Aruba, source please?

Is Paulus burning the midnight oil tonight? Calling his son to see how his homework is going? I bet you regret now he didn't learn French? What was the name of that school he's attending because the finger police can't seem to get confirmation on his academic progress?

Aruba may be able to round up some kids in crisp white shirts to degrade themselves in the desert like petty criminals doing their community service cleanup duty but the FBI needs a little more convincing. They don't sell the real FBI jackets in the Hyatt gift shop.

The Dirty Police desperate to hold on to power, cannot be seen to lose face to the poor and innocent they intimidate.

A bully never can. Dennis Jacobs, you're future is behind you.