Thursday, January 26, 2006

No Van der sloot, No Justice

The assualt against Natalee and the aftermath was and continues to be a hate crime. Whether the pimps misogny or the Dutch anti-american bashing of the U.S. as a defense in the search for Natalee, their hypocritical stance behind Dutch Law.

This is a battle. No doubt about it.

If the Van der sloots get away with this crime, do you think the "poor innocent people" the faux intelligensia in Aruba hid behind will be more trusting or more afraid of the Dutch?

The "poor and innocent" will be as poor as they were before Natalee only now more afraid.

That's the slave trade angle in Aruba, not some kick the dog story to include sex that's de rigeur for a damage control company's Carribean procedure manual.

A battle to control the story.

Aruba fears what it can't control. They spew their hate and stomp their feet acting like Joran when they don't get their way. A titanic inferiority complex thinly masked as arrogance. Their just not used to being caught.

This is about corrupt national politics seeping down to the police investigators who have nothing to gain other than the approval of their higher ups. The most effective cop is a media advisor.

A dozen investigators working around the clock for eight months and we get boy scouts poking the sand with sticks? Who was that photo-op for, Corporate Holland?

Natalee stood up to a misogynistic psychcopath and he killed her in a rage of anger when confronted with bounderies. Paulus van der sloot is paving the way to keep those bounderies undefined. Joran's lawyer and bully. And Aruba has gone all-in behind them.

Beth is standing up to Paulus Van der sloot and deserves our support. If we don't demand justice for those around us how can we demand justice for ourselves?

It's a glimmer of hope that a Dutch legal mind thought that judgeship and judgement were related when denying Paulus Van der sloot a robe. Like when a Croes in Aruba says about another Croes, "we're not related." Oh yeah, take me home country roads.

Rep. Bachus, you have been a disgrace. To give audience to a low-life defender of this hate like Arlene Schippers when one of your citizens, Beth, is not invited, on our soil, is an insult of proportions you don't seem to comprehend.

Rep. Bachus did you tell Ms. Schippers about us? How large notions of vigilantism and self-preservation loom in the american consciousness for a nation founded on the right to bear arms.

Aruba cannot muster the courage to shun and shame the murdering Van der sloots. But we can.

"You're either with us or against us." Where have I heard that before?

The first Van der sloot story included blunt trauma to cover the truth. Then Paulus wrote a new story and Natalee was assaulted again.

When Paulus Van der sloot discarded Natalee is when he struck a nerve. The egomaniacal arrogance to throw into the story that Natalee was left on the beach wanting Joran's attention. What sick human beings the van der sloots are. Their lies include smearing a girl who cannot defend herself anymore. This continues to be a hate crime.

Are you with us or against us Rep. Bachus and Governer Barbour?

If you took every person in Aruba at any given moment and transported them to the U.S., after a few days who would stand out?

Why is that?

These people do have truth buried in their lies:

"No one is above the law." Nelson Oduber

Translated, it also means "The Dutch in Aruba are the Law, and everyone else is below them."

"I want to believe that the people have to rest assured that justice is proceeding as it should." Eric Zaadam, President of the Police Union

For the police union it means that the corruption and incompetence will go uninvestigated. They will maintain control by fear. Continue to threaten the spineless Mr. Oduber and the poor and innocent because they are the law and "no one is above the law."

"I didn't even know who she was" Joran van der sloot

No you didn't, just another victim of the van der sloot. They don't have women like that in the Van der sloot world.

"No body, no crime" Paulus van der sloot

The truth of that statement rarely used by anyone other than a defense attorney representing a guilty client. No dout Paulus has seen that trump card before. Like hitting on a 17 right Paulus?

"Hanging Joran won't bring Natalee back" Anita van der sloot

Neither will smearing Natalee and Beth. But hanging Joran will prevent him from taking more victims. Because he will kill again.

"Enough with the BS already." Deepak Kalpoe

Exactly Deepak, hopefully the last words you hear before someone puts you out of our misery.

"We can't go rushing in like cowboys..." Karin Janssen

Why not? You did with the security guards. But you can't get a search of the VDS property? Or keep Paulus a legal suspect? You have done nothing, nothing at all to show you are representing Natalee.

I have to resign myself to knowing Natalee's fear was short, and her death a small part of her actual life.

But the Van der sloots are being surrounded. Joran's no pimp, he's a pimple. The out of reach dreams of judgeship for Paulus, now reduced to sweating it out in a law office cubicle. One illegitimate son a drug dealer and the other a murderer. Quite the family man.

"No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that's in the right and keeps on a-comin." Those words evolved into the Texas Ranger creed.

Keep comin' Beth, in the modern world the committment to see this through is done at our fingertips, connecting each other like leeches on the Van der sloots.

We'll be there to pounce and continue to tell the story of Aruba and the Van der sloots and the Dirty Cops who will not protect americans.

There won't be justice in a Dutch court without accounting for taking a Van der sloot lie as a clue and going after the security guards. No justice without a search of the Van der sloot property.

Can it be more obvious?

Justice will be extracted excrutiatingly slow as the leeches amass. Going all-in behind Beth.

One Riot, One Ranger. It's in our blood.