Thursday, January 26, 2006

Natalee in Two Places at Once?

Just a few weeks ago, Tim Miller repeated that Gerold Dompig again led him to believe they had good information and a specific location offshore in which to search for Natalee. This supposedly from a reliable and "new" witness.

Then, just as the word of Eguusearch's intention to bring equipment back to Aruba to search deep water we have another "new" lead focusing on the lighthouse.

This doesn't make sense. 2 solid leads with different stories?

The last time Tim Miller was thwarted by Dompig he clearly stated, "maybe we're getting too close."

Isn't that exactly what is happening now?

Aruba needed a friend of Joran's to tell them to look near the lighthouse? It's absurd.

The consistent pattern in this case, and the instinct of those who really care about finding Natalee has been that when they are getting close, they are redirected.

The way they were redirected from early on away from the Van der sloot property.

A friend of Joran's? Haven't "friends" of Joran been used to create distractions? If they coordinated lies before and got away with it what makes anyone believe this time is any different?