Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Koen Gottenbos Gotten Caught!

He's Dutch and he's the source.

Koen Gottenbos' alibi for Joran has been blown. His Daddy (these pimp-les sure need their Daddy's alot) is a wealthy Dutch Businessman and used his Dutchness to hold off the Aruba cops.

The FBI knows he's the source and were asking a rhetorical question of Aruba before sending in the dogs.

He has a 22ft boat and along with Joran and Deepak took Natalee out to sea.

Koen and Joran continue to email each other daily and it's Koen's intention to come to the U.S. to go to school.

But he can't...the FBI is waiting for him the moment he arrives.

In the future, after Aruba closes the case the noose will actually get tighter around these murderers unless they stay in the Kingdom.

The finger police are after the Gottenbos and we don't fear a fat Dutch businessman. He's in Holland and is the one being hunted.

Now we know exactly who the Prosecutor was talking about last month when she released this statement:

ORANJESTAD - The team in charge of the investigation in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway has a strong suspicion that the young lady in question has lost her life as a consequence of a punishable crime committed against her.

Also, the team is of opinion that there are person(s)who have more information that have not given statements to the police. With this communication, the investigative team is asking all persons who can give more information in relation to the case of Natalee Holloway to contact the police. The team guarantees that all persons who call will be able to speak directly to commissioner Dompig and will remain anonymous.