Thursday, February 02, 2006

Aruba asks Beth to Wait Outside, Again.

Aruba has again stated that the attacks in the media by Beth Twitty are hurting the investigation and has asked for her to stop.

How? How could anything Beth has to say hurt the investigation? Are they so thin skinned, so weak that they actually expect anyone to believe there is a corrolation?

More of the "it's Beth's fault" bullshit. The only reason there is any activity in this case is exactly because Beth refuses to be silent. Don't stop the momentum.

Why not stop all tourists from coming to Aruba so the 14 investigators who are working around the clock can have some quiet time?

If the same energy was spent praising Aruba would they ask for that to stop too?

They are essentially telling Beth to shut up or else. Are they looking for another apology?

Please, John Kelly don't take this bait. The request alone in enough to pursue a boycott. Maybe they should think about what happened when Natalee said no.

Their misogyny knows no bounds.

Since John Kelly only met with Chief Dompig and Karin Janssen, what are they doing making this request? Self-esteem issues with the dirty police? John Pauly and Dennis Jacobs missing their Sumo classes?

This prosecutor has had the DNA samples of the suspects thrown out of court, failed to prevent Paulus van der sloot from remaining a suspect while the security guards are still suspects, failed to get a warrant to search the van der sloot property, failed to bring Koen Gottenbos in for questioning, failed to explain how a van der sloot lie was accepted as a clue and let's not forget her 2 week vacation 10 days before the suspects were released.

Gerold Dompig is now saying they have credible witnesses to search or re-search the sand dunes and the ocean? Which is it and how could any witness be that credible and be innocent?

After 8 months?

How many times are we going to go down this road? How many more rollercoasters will you ride, the ones that Steve Cohen said are out of operation? Didn't he say no more timelines after the December debacle?

Did we miss the fireworks?

Until Paulus van der sloot, Joran van der sloot, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe are handcuffed and in custody do not take the bullets out of your gun.

Dompig and Jannsen have not earned the right to ask you for this.