Friday, February 03, 2006

Good Morning Aruba: Joran is a Murderer, Voluntarily

Aruba has finally told the van der sloot's "you got us into this mess, now you get us out."

Another coincidence that the van der sloots come on television just when the searches are about to begin? The last time we heard from the couple was right before Joran van der sloot, the last known and admitted person to see Natalee, was released.

The new spokesperson's for ArubaTruth, Paulus and Anita van der sloot.

Paulus went to court to keep out the FBI on behalf of the aruban police force and now he's out pitching his story for the prosecutor's office and the Tourism Board.

Something is about to happen in this case, there are no coincidences.

Why the interview now? And why did they make sure they said Natalee left voluntarily? Sounds like another defense, for something. A defense for charges of rape and kidnapping.

Yeah, sure. He "put her at the beach?" Fuck you.

Paulus is doing what he was hired to do by Aruba.

In 1991 Paulus van der sloot thought is was the time for a new job and he found one in aruba where he was appointed for five years as lawyer for the Aruban government.

The ministers were not impressed with his stance, "I always first try to find a compromise. By simply prosecuting nobody gets wiser."

This from an interview in Brabants Nieuwsblad.

Nobody gets wiser from a simple prosecution? Sure seems like the prosecutor, judge and the police have their script. They haven't prosecuted and there is no body. And no one is in custody. Now Paulus for the defense is saying Natalee left volutarily. To where Paulus, for what? Did she tell you in the letter she wrote you? Fuck you.

As Tim Miller said, "maybe we're getting too close."

But we have a body, Paulus van der sloot.

The Aruba syle scenario almost worked. I know I turned away from the story when I read and saw the arrest of the guards.

Then one day I heard about the son of a judge, a teenager. And luckily, at the same time Beth Twitty emerged.

Any doubt the delays are because the plea pargain script isn't working, nobody's buying it? Is this another trial balloon to see if anyone believes the lying murdering van der sloots?

Or are the delays time to wait until after the van der sloots have been compensated? They get their money, and after the fire at the van der sloot home they move off the island?

Hey Dad, can I have some money, I'm pimpin' tonight? If there ever was a time to kick your son's ass that would have been a good start. If a son isn't raised to either fear or respect his father he will fear nothing, respect nothing.

Paulus, did you ever kick Joran's ass? For anything? I mean the night after your son kills a girl, he's out again? Are you kidding me? You say he snuck out that night, but the next night he was out just as late, did he sneak out then too? Why does he roll with the Kalpoe's?

You didn't drop her on the beach Joran did you? That's the story you're dad, oh I mean lawyer, came up with. No chivalry in your lie, just an innocent boy and an american teenage girl who wanted it. What kind of sick mind would even sell that story? The first lie had more class, you dropped her off at the hotel. But no, you had to make up another one, denegrate a girl your son murdered.

Joran can't tell us what happened yet because his lawyer hasn't told him what happened. He couldn't tell the beach story first because it didn't happen.

What's the deal now between client and lawyer, father and son? I promise not to do it again?

Still hypnotized by the mantra of no body/no crime? Did you ever think about what that means? Is it really true? No body, no crime? If Natalee is never found that means there was no crime? Or is this phrase really meant for the judge in this case, a fallback position because simple prosecution makes no one wiser?

The cop who took the van der sloot lie as a clue, as truth, and went after the security guards didn't hamper the investigation, but Beth did?

Message to Aruba: The boycott hasn't even started yet. But it will, soon.

There is a body, it's Paulus Van der sloot.

No Van der sloot, no justice.