Monday, February 20, 2006

Damn Yankees: Cawfee Tawk for da' Van der sloots

Thank You ABC for giving air to the remake of "Father Knows Best 2006." We must not be hypocritical and shoot the messenger. Airing the van der sloots is always revealing.

Given another opportunity to treat his son like his son instead of a client, he preferred to fly his client in from halfway around the world.

Leave the parenting to others, he's you're client.

And thank you for reminding me of my own father, still reflecting on the knowledge that I'd still be in the hospital if I was in this kind of trouble, not bouncing around Europe. I guess they didn't do alot of takes back in the day.

Joran, that picture of your Dad with a cape on is also a lie, a fantasy. He'll throw you out of the house when the time is right. What's that? He already did?

If you left school because you were scared, the safest place should be right next to Mom and Dad. Why isn't it?

You are a victim to you're own parents and they are selling it to the Netherlands. So far, the mommy state is buying it.

Paul is earning a living, adapting to the opportunities. Being a father is not a role he's interested in.

He leaves the parenting thing to his wife. She can talk about that stuff. (she knows her lines now)

Paul brought the family to New York for money. His victimization story the only asset he has right now.

It's so obvious watching him. He's a bad liar, like his son. Or is it the other way around?

You're not getting paid by Antonio Carlo. You're just using name recognition to brand the Carlo name. Even he is learning what a risk that is.

His after the fact admission of concern about the NY trip was classic politics. Good thing the statement taking credit for a van der sloot coup wasn't read, but you did have it prepared?

Wouldn't fairness dictacte the NY judge be a golfing buddy of Dave Holloway? Is Wendy Murphy available to be flown in from somewhere? I mean what's fair is fair, right?

It's only a matter of time before someone tires of being victimized. They have to be a Dutch citizen.

Only another Dutch citizen is in a postition of authority to be credible enough, however you define it, to end this ongoing criminal enterprise. Unfortunately, it was only a Dutch citizen that allowed the van der sloots to defraud the same system in the first place.

Has Karin Janssen done anything, anything at all to inspire even the smallest amount of confidence? Has she shown any skill in her representation for Natalee?

She just never understood what she was supposed to do. She's the one that let emotion get in the way of justice. She put the interests of her co-worker, friend and countrymen first and couldn't recover. Her job was to represent Natalee and she failed.

She'll blame the police saying she's only as good as the evidence she received. Yes, the police.

The last frontier of the truth in Aruba. The dirty police.

But Janssen knew about Koen Gottenbos and knew Joran's alibi was blown. She knew Koen's boat was used and she just could not bring herself to go after the truth.

Karin Janssen knows exactly what she did and now it's too late, you can't unring that bell Ms. Janssen. There's no legal precendent for the inability to face the victims mother. It's just you're sub-conscious not speaking.

You froze. Your assistant prosecutor tried to tell you. But she told Dave Holloway and us:

"Well, she really didn't want to talk about anything. And finally, I just told her what I knew. And after I got into talking about what I knew about the case and about this witness, she finally opened up and told me, she said, Dave, I've been trying to tell them over and over and over again to pursue this witness, and they just won't listen. And she finally said, this is my country, you know, and she was just literally frustrated and didn't know what to do. And finally, she indicated that, you know, she had no other choice."

What makes Dompig's witnesses credible? Their nationality or the quality of their tears? How is a guy calling from oversease considered credible if you don't know his name? You're panicking and making up stories again Chief.

But everything you need to know about the van der sloot could be the moment ABC asks Paul if he knows where Natalee is. His response in front of Joran would be a reminder of how Joran van der sloot was raised.

Watching his father lie. His behaviour actually gives him leverage over Dad. His revenge getting to watch his dad sweat and lie to save himself. Who is running this family? It's pretty obvious that Joran is the central force in the van der sloot life.

When you watch the ABC interview think about the video of Paul van der sloot running from the camera and remember that he knows where Natalee is.

Paul van der sloot knows where Natalee is. He's being compensated by Aruba for incovenience.

He knows where Natalee is. He's running scared. He's being compensated.

He knows where Natalee is. He's is running scared.

He knows where Natalee is.

He knows.