Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Plea Bargain in Aruba: Is Janssen a Liar?

Steve Cohen, Gerold Dompig, you both said you believe the 3 are guilty.

Karin Janssen, you were quoted twice that Paul van der sloot said "no body, no crime."

Have the van der sloots been cooperative? Has Joran been cooperative?

You sit on your hands while the van der sloots once again attack Natalee's mother? You sit by silently as they spout lies, and spin the "dropped her at the beach story"? Not even enough pride to refute what you know is untrue.

Do you have any corroboration of the "dropped her at the beach story?" Do you even have a timeline for that night?

Has Joran been treated unfairly? I didn't hear the van der sloot criticize Dompig or Cohen but I did hear Paulus call Janssen a liar.

Not a single person in Aruba will step forward and refute these statemenst by the Van der sloots? Not even the police, who's actions will reward the van der sloots with financial compensation?

Dennis Jacobs, the Keurmeester, wrongly arrested Paul van der sloot, the security guards and the Kalpoe's. Were they all mistakes?

And you still remain silent? Why?

How many of you can fit under Anita's mumu? Does Nelson Oduber have a spine?

The Van der sloots interview must be addressed or are we to now accept that they are the official spokesperson's for Aruba?

1. Why the first lie, prepared and coordinated before the police arrived?
2. Why did the second lie, remove the Kalpoe's from the scene?
3. Did PVDS tell Janssen that he advised, "no body, no crime?"
4. Why are the security guards still suspects?
5. When will Gumby Oduber come out of hiding?

The Van der sloot have proven the police to be incompetent, in court, and have called the prosecutor a liar.

And you blame Beth?

"I dropped her off at the hotel"
"When the police came and showed me her picture, I didn't even know who she was"
"I dropped her on the beach"
"Deepak raped and killed her"
"My father picked me up"
"Deepak drove me home"
"I walked home without my shoes"
"I'm a pimp"
"My mommy speaks for me now"
"I didn't have sex with her"
"It was voluntary"
"I didn't have voluntary sex with her"
"I had voluntary sex with not her"
"She was coming in and out of consciousness"
"I only had voluntary sex with her in the conscious moments"
"I picked her up and but she told me to leave her on the beach"
"I have more to tell and I'm just not ready now to do that"
"My mommy speaks for me"
"I shouldn't have gone out that night"
"Natalee wanted me to come out"
"I let my father down"
"I dropped her on the beach"
"It was all voluntary"

And you blame Beth?

Just in the last month:

Spokesperson for Aruba claims new interrogations
Janssen promises "fireworks"
New tips and new searches
PVDS hearing on compensation, date set for end of February
Anita Van der sloot publicly attacks Beth Holloway
Paul Van der sloot calls Janssen a liar and tells us Natalee went voluntarily
VDS's claim they have been cooperative

And you blame Beth?

No Van der sloot, no justice.