Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Van der sloot GMA Tapes Altered?

The lips were moving but we can't be sure. I clearly heard them say this is a coverup and their son murdered Natalee but promises not to do it again.

The tapes may have been altered. Good Morning America cannot confirm whether we were hearing the original or an edited version? Where was the interview?

Was it at the home where the media can visit but not the police?

The van der sloot were cooperative, with Aruba.

They are simply saying they did it for Aruba. That interview wasn't for the U.S. it was for Aruba and Holland. Hey, we followed procedures to protect Aruba not harm it.

So leave us alone. Move on without searching our property, move on without investigating why a van der sloot lie pointed to the security guards, move on from the landfill, move on from the rocks, it was just cleaning fluid and chocolate, move on...because moving on from the van der sloot's means moving on from the truth. They are the evidence.

Did you hear that Ms. Janssen? You have you're orders. Move on!

Earth to van der sloot: You're dutch law book won't help you outside of Aruba. We're not impressed with your courtroom victories. You're little league home cooked legal system won't be able to help you when you face big league fastballs.

You can't threaten anyone outside of your island. In fact, you cannot afford to be under oath, so sue away, your chest puffing makes you look like a peacock.

You've obstructed justice and your client/son is a predator and murderer. You have damaged yourself. Try taking your complaints off the island and you and your two-bit employer Juan Carlos won't be able to speak behind closed doors to the judge and he's not friends with the van der sloot.

But you know that already. Your huffing and puffing is for the people of Aruba and not the U.S.

Payback to the complicit dirty police, the ones who covered for you. Now you must cover for them and coming on looking for sympathy and instructing people to move on?

If you cared about clearing your son/client, why sue to prevent the FBI from having access?

We're not ready to move past questioning the van der sloot lie and why it was taken as a clue?

Move on past what exactly Dennis Jacobs did in the first 72 hours?

I don't think so.

Move on past questioning why the guards are still suspects? Because how did this evidence get here? How did evidence linking the guards to Natalee appear?

Where's the evidence that was used to arrest the Kalpoe's on premeditated murder and rape?

I'm sure Nellie's investigation will give us answers.

Nelson Oduber wants an investigation and then follows it up by telling us he's sick of the case. Nice ringing endorsement, yeah that will drive the issue. Can there be a weaker leader anywhere in the world? When you're the Prime Minister of a country getting a once in a millenium amount of attention, you're nowhere to be found? Ruben Trapenburg has gotten more air time.

Oduber's silence is almost as loud as the suspects, including the security guards.

Or do you really have that little power?

Like walking past that closet where all your shit is that you want to clean out but you can't. It's always in the corner of your eye.

How many times have we seen this?

It would have been so easy to pin this on the guards if only Beth had not butt in, right? A little forensics spread on the crime scene from the guards and a few cameras sprinkled here and there and Paul's golfing buddy judges would have sent them away, case closed.

And you blame the media for bringing this to your largest customer's attention?

But we have to move on, move on to shaming every American who would spend a dime in Aruba.

Shame them by warning them, if they don't demand justice for those around them, they will not be able to demand it for themselves.

Let the van der sloot sell Aruba. I'm pretty confident that even Bachus and Barbour will finally get it.

Aruba asked for it and they deserve it. Why do the van der sloots sound exactly like every other spokesperson from Aruba? Who's following whom?

The face of Aruba is Paul Van der sloot.

Who will apologize for the next victim?