Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What's in It for Dennis Jacobs?

John Q Kelly, have you had enough of the rubenesque charm of Janssen and Dompig yet? I mean can you get her on the cell in Torino Italy today?

Can you stomach being lied to so directly? Did you find her promise of fireworks a little seductive and actually believable? I think she's waiting for you to do something. Get on with it.

You seem like a smart guy, Mr. Kelly, but you know the landscape, Karin Janssen is not a prosecutor, she just plays one in Aruba.

The hotel lie was the directive, a memo from a co-workerr.

A coached drug dealer a convenient witness for a narcotics cop, Dennis Jacobs, handling his first murder case. Evidence of stolen equipment confirmed by the Chief of Police Jan Van der straaten and Karin Janssen brings the guards in, quickly.

The coordinated lies were followed by a coordinated effort to convict the security guards by Jan van der straaten, Dennis Jacobs and Karin Janssen.

Are we to believe these were all simultaneous "mistakes?" These were co-workers. Adults. They followed the lie so unanimously.

It took 2 days to have the guards in custody, their property searched. They had eyewitnesses and the Prosecutor and Chief of Police both publically commenting on murder. And actual evidence of stolen cameras of the Mountain Brook students in the possession of the guards. Just where is that evidence?

They had it all lined up. But somehow Beth interfered. It would never have taken this long, would it Ms. Janssen?

There was more actionable evidence against the guards than there is against Joran van der sloot. Doesn't this seem just a little too sterile?

How could the Chief of Police, the Prosecutor and the lead detective so quickly get behind the guilt of the security guards?

Their coordinated actions are as suspicious as the coordinated "hotel story" lie.

When asked by Greta van sustern in June about the rush to arrest 2 black security guards, Arlene Shippers said, "we don't like to talk about that."

No kidding?

How many times does Aruba have to admit Natalee was murdered? Now tell us why and how you know?

Karin Janssen has done it 3 times. The last 2 Arubatruth spokesperson's believe Joran killed Natalee. And the Chief of Police at the time, Jan van der straaten , stated this is a murder case.

What evidence do they have to make these statements?

Janssen was quoted early on that the security guards were held on suspicion of murder. She then charged the Kalpoe's with premeditated murder and rape. 2 months ago she released a statement saying Natalee was the victim of a capitol crime.

On what evidence? Dompig, why is it easier to prove a case against the guards than against Joran Van der sloot?

Joran confessed to you. But then you, issued a formal retraction. You were doing your job and then you were told to sign the retraction weren't you? White Chocolate to please the bosses.

Dennis Jacobs too stupid to see he's on the scapegoat list. He could be convicted of crimes and not Joran. It's possible Dennis. What's in it for you?

How do you investigate this investigation when the Prime Minister's last public comments were that he's sick of the case. Or the classic from Eric Zaadam, the President of the Police Union, that...'justice is proceeding as it should.'

The direct line to Paulus van der sloot goes through the lead investigator.

Just when the MB students interview is over the van der sloots come on television to let us know that Joran is liked by girls and she went voluntarily. Went where? Isn't it obvious that the van der sloot have access?

How much actionable evidence has Mr. Jacobs given the Prosecutor?

The first actionable evidence was provided by a Joran van der sloot lie. Subsequent arrests supported by Karin Janssen.

Then, we can assume, the Kalpoes and Joran were held for lying. The next action was to charge only the Kalpoes of rape and premeditated murder. What evidence did Ms. Janssen use?

The story of Joran van der sloot and his statement that Deepak murdered and raped Natalee.

Joran can implicate the Kalpoe's but not himself? His words only taken as actionable when they are used to target others?

If Dompig was dismissed as a spokesperson for saying "the 3 are guilty as hell" one can only imagine what would have happened to his precious career if he told about knowing Koen Gottenbos's boat was used that night or that it was Joran van der sloot who confessed to killing Natalee.

The tipping point for Dave Holloway came when he approached Dompig about Gottenbos. Dompig had known since June that Koen Gottenbos had lied about being with Joran that day and he knew the Gottenbos boat had been used. But his father came in and negotiated a plea bargain. Something we are told doesn't exist under Dutch law. How else can Dompig explain not bringing in Koen Gottenbos for questioning?

How else would Dompig request a search in a specific spot offshore if he hadn't gotten information from a witness or a suspect?

When Dave Holloway met with Dompig to suggest he bring Koen Gottenbos in for questioning, and that someone other than Jacobs do the interrogation, he immediately received calls at his Aruba hotel and his work office in the states.

Dennis Jacobs was frantically needing to speak with Dave Holloway.

When Dave finally spoke with Jacobs he was advised not to speak with Dompig without consulting with Jacobs first. You have the lead investigator telling the father of Natalee not to speak with the Chief of Police?

Besides the high school politics of this, is there any doubt this structure is ripe to be manipulated in favor of insiders?

8 months and 14 investigators and the only actionable evidence are stories by Joran van der sloot? This is all the lead investigator has? Which part of his stories make you believe there was a murder? His confession or his blaming Deepak?

It sounds like mission accomplished if you are Jan van der straaten and Paul van der sloot, best friends. Rats in their corporate cubicles playing games totally outside the law.

Dompig, as an Aruban, knows the only way he gets the top job in Aruba is not making waves. The classic company man who will only rise as far as he is allowed.

Is false evidence really evidence when the goal is to convict anyone but Joran?

Gerold Dompig has known about Koen Gottenbos for 8 months and only now is asking help in searching a spot off the beach?

It's taken so long because you don't have your stories straight on the response to whatever work Tim Miller is allowed to do. If remains found do this, if remains not found do this...was it even on the law firm's letterhead? What's the van der sloot law firms name?

Get on with it John, you're dealing with imposters who are paralyzed by fear, unable to keep their stories straight. It's not the Kalpoe's and Joran only, it's Jacobs, Van der straaten, Dompig and Janssen.

What makes the hate for the van der sloot so deep and so intense is their arrogance to believe that justice can include coming to anyone but the van der sloots. It just hit a nerve. The pain the van der sloots have brought is very motivating.

But justice will come to the Van der sloots and it will be worse than the Dutch courts would have recommended.

We'll just keep interfering, telling the story with our fingers. Wanting the Van der sloots stopped from taking any more victims.

"the act of a citizen, or goup of citizens, playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information. The intent of this participation is to provide independent, reliable, accurate, wide-ranging and relevant information that a democracy requires."

No Van der sloot, No Justice.