Thursday, February 09, 2006

Prosecutor Janssen Complicit in Coverup?

So how did Dennis Jacobs, a career narcotics agent who has never worked a murder case become the lead investigator?

When this happened it created some hard feelings within the police department. The Chief at the time was Jan Van der straaten, Paulus van der sloot's best friend.

Dennis Jacobs is the only constant figure in the entire investigation. Van der straaten retired in July but there have been many leaders come and go including Roy Tromp who was removed from the case in early September.

Dennis Jacobs interviewed the suspects on May 31st and he admitted that there were inconsistencies in their statements, however, he didn't think it was necessary to re-interview them for days after they lied about where they dropped off Natalee.

If not for Beth reviewing the hotel tapes he would not have reinterviewed them at all. On June 1st after Jacobs already knew the 3 were lying he nevertheless told Dave that Natalee had probably fallen in love or run off with someone while drinking and she would return.

Yet Janssen is talking about a murder and that she has evidence against the guards?

Chris Lejuez, Attorney for Abraham Jones, the security guard and still a suspect was interviewed in June:

"I have seen only the statemnt of two of the three men. The evidence that I got, the documentation, the files that I received from the prosecutor's office contained only two of the statements. My colleague has asked the prosecutor why only the two, not the one of the Dutch boy? She was told by the prosecutor's office, that the statement would not be relevant to the case of her suspect, her client."

Not relevant? Really?

Lejuez reading directly from the document:

"These three claim one of them was in the car kissing and a little bit more than kissing this young girl, and now she's gone missing. They clearly dropped her off at the hotel at approximately 2 a.m. She got out of the car. She was under the influence of alcohol. And then they saw her walk through the front door of the hotel inside the lobby."

"At that point, they state they saw a man dressed in black pair of trousers with a black t-shirt and, a walkie-talkie in his hand come to her, speak to her, and that's when they left."

Karin Janssen was then interviewed on television and made this statement:

"The suspicion for these two suspects (guards) range from murder, to homicide, to kidnapping with death as a result. We also have complicity or accessory to those two criminal acts."

How does Janssen know there was a murder? And this before Joran and the Kalpoe's were arrested? She made this statement while the guards were still in custody!

Paul van der sloot continued to work at his desk in Ms. Janssen's office until August.

She mentioned 2 witnesses. One of whom was someone referred to as a beach bum, a drug dealer.

Dennis Jacobs was instrumental in orchestrating the arrest of the security guards. He did so after knowing full well that the 3 had lied.

The beach bum Janssen was talking about is named Booty who hangs out next to the Holiday Inn. Booty insists he saw the guards going in and out of Natalee's room.

Remember, Jacobs is narcotics agent and he coached the beach bum/drug dealer to finger the guards. Then he was sold to Janssen as a credible witness by Dennis Jacobs.

The belt and some plastic that Fred Golba excavated in the now of interest dunes were thrown away by Dennis Jacobs who said, "they were of no value."

When Dave Holloway was questioned in October for 3 hours regarding the encounter Dave had with Paulus van der sloot, the English translated version came back as a one page document and failed to even relate to the subject it was intended to cover. It made reference to Beth and Jug Twitty and the Natalee Holloway fund. The statement was prepared by Dennis Jacobs and witnessed by another police officer who was not even present during the testimony.

Dennis Jacobs was and is responsible for taking the statements from the suspects in this case. As I've written above, the statements always seem to exlude Joran or are manipulated in his favor.

Karin Janssen arrested the Kalpoes on the specific charges of premeditated murder and rape. The only evidence being the statements by Joran van der sloot.

A dispatcher in the police department has seen Jan van der stratten often in the police office as late as October of 2005.

Dennis Jacobs was hand picked by Paul van der sloot's best friend, Jan van der stratten even though he had never worked a murder or missing persons case.

So the Kalpoes are arrested on the words of Joran van der sloot and the guards arrested on the word of a local drug dealer who was coached.

It seems clear to me that the guards were being set up by Dennis Jacobs.

When Paulus van der sloot invited the Kalpoes over and used the phrase "no body, no crime" he wasn't telling them what to do. He would not leave this work to the Kalpoe's and Joran. He was telling them what he, Paul van der sloot had put in motion with the help of Jan van der staaten, Dennis Jacobs and the prosecutor Karen Janssen.

He was assuring the eye witnesses, the Kalpoe's, that if they remain silent, they would stay out of legal trouble. He needed them. Just like he needs Anita know.

Paulus van der sloot knows where Natalee is. Dennis Jacobs knows she was murdered by Joran van der sloot and Karin Janssen knows she was using van der sloot manufactured evidence to pin this crime on anyone but the person who committed it, Joran van der sloot.

"He's not the same boy anymore"

Despite her best Shelly Winters Poseiden Adventure act, Anita Van der sloot told us the old Joran van der sloot is gone.

So he's now someone else? The old van der sloot a rapist and murderer, self styled pimp is not the same as the one she now calls her son?

What are you going to do when you're relatives are tired of babysitting? When you've called in your favors and they don't want the liability that goes along with housing a murderer, then what?

They came on for the interview because they are already explaining why they will be financially compensated for being inconvenienced. They are preemptively trying to soften the reaction to what the van der sloot has already said is a done deal.

They are appealing to those who have made themselves willingly or unwittingly complicit in a coverup.

"I want to believe that the people have to rest assured that justice is proceeding as it should." Eric Zaadam, President of the Police Union