Friday, February 24, 2006

Joran: "I'm covering for my Fathers Career"

That's what I heard.

This is a sick and dangerous freak show. Joran van der sloot is a danger to himself and those around him.

He is being totally used by his parents in a bizarre co-dependancy that continues to hurt and insult.

This kid needs help. I could see physically he needs to tell the truth but it's his parents who don't want him to.

Why is it that last night, to me, he didn't come off looking any more guilty than before but his father did?

It was truly scary the psychosis and hate the van der sloots are spewing. They don't represent Dutch people. They represent themselves, racist, misogynist, anti-sematic users.

I find it hard to imagine that any citizen, Dutch, Aruban...would not be frightened by what they saw last night.

The self hate was absolutely something to worry about. "I'm a liar, I'm a cheat, I'm not a real man, I wouldn't believe me, it doesn't look good for me, my parents don't know what I do."

Suicide is one thing, but these people take others with them. The van der sloots continue to assault Natalee and themselves.

These are sado-masochistic people the van der sloots, who have nothing left.

More dangerous now than ever. Don't let there be any more victims.

Arubatruth doesn't seem to understand the way a non-fascist country works. It is not a crime to not watch news, cable or otherwise. You don't get fined for not tuning in to Primetime Live.

The demand drives the media, not the other way around. You seem to not find fault in the van der sloots use of the media but imply they are victims of the media dragged to NYC.

Being white and Dutch in Aruba creates a holier than thou feeling for a kid of privelege. A big fish in a small pond. He cared about Aruba as much as he cared about the security guards.

But this interview is a perfect snapshot of a boy raised as much by Aruba as by his parents.

You simply cannot recover Natalee's remains without accountability and that is what's holding up the truth here. ArubaTruth now mentioning digging up a specific spot in the dunes?

This without any equipment only scouts with sticks? How can that be? How can you have this location? Credible weeping secret witnesses from outside of Aruba?

Are you planning to put Natalee there and then find her? Chief Dompig and Karin Janssen would fare no better than Joran last night under the same circumstances.

I mean Dennis Jacobs took his clues from Joran van der sloot, how screwed up is that?

I saw a guy who only looked directly at the camera when he mentioned his father or a coached lie clearly from Paul van der sloot. Every time and only when his father is mentioned does he look directly into the camera.

The Hitler comment directly aimed at a family that Joran chides as "not behaving the way a family who's lost a daughter should." This from a guy who doesn't believe himself and doesn't think he's a real man. It was words coming from the parents.

I saw Joran clearly protecting his father and not himself. It was a pathetic and scary performance. The parents by his side, while Joran does what he wants, again. "My parents don't know what I do when I'm out." No kidding, that's both a defense of the civil suit and an indictment of van der sloot parenting.

Unable to control their son. Now that son owns their careers and their lives, only making him more dangerous. Joran even admitting he needs help with his emotions.

This is the definitive documentary of a murderer and the island of Aruba.

You could hear where the Joran cult gets their truth, from a guy who wouldn't believe himself but the hater's don't see that even they are being lied to and insulted by their story teller.

He looked right in the camera when Joran said "I didn't want my father to know" and you could see that there is a seriously screwed up father/son/client/attorney relationship. The witness to his crimes, he now has secured an attorney on retainer. Hard to know anymore who's the witness and who's the suspect.

I also heard the tv media think that people still watch tv news. The internet is driving the tv audience for ABC.

"The police are fools" that's what I heard. But I've heard it somewhere else. From a black security guard.

"well like I said before, the justice system, the detectives, they're fools. They have to go back to school. They were used, like, a scapegoat, a black person in society to cover their mess." Mickey John

That was the security guard that Ms. Janssen believed committed murder.

The Van der sloots are not covering an accident. For the first time Paul van der sloot looked more guilty than his son/client.

Two months ago, Jossy Mansur was asked where he thought this case was going and he said the campaign to smear and blame Natalee is where it was headed.

Why would he say that and how did he turn out to be correct? If it was only Paul and his attorney strategizing he would never have known that. But you can hear the echo of Renfro and Schippers and Pauly.

Joran doesn't think the police are dirty, just stupid and brutal.

The media again never mentioned the influence of the internet but that's okay. Joran's ready to crack, and we'll stay on it until he does.

He's guilty and more dangerous than ever.