Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Joran Ready with the "Truth." Is Aruba?

But when it mattered and Natalee's life was in the balance he lied.

It's pretty clear that Paulus Van der sloot is Joran's attorney and not Antonio Carlo.The greed to want media exposure when you're client is still a suspect. Or do you already know he's not? Once again, the Van der sloots seem to act like their not suspects, why is that? Smiddy tell you that?

But Paulus Van der sloot is building his own cell. He doesn't really work as a lawyer in Aruba. He's working on his own legal troubles and that's all.

The intensity is certainly rising, and rising to levels that only true explorers of the wild have felt.

The media is still missing the story.

The blogosphere is responsible for pushing this story. Smothering the Van der sloots. It's absolutely the right thing to do and necessary.

The over-reaching will only get more dangerous as the whisperers start inching away, not returning calls.

There is no place to run. But staying in Aruba and rotting on the evidence is the beginning of a just sentence.

Jacobs and Smid have their own actions to answer for and the attention is rolling towards them.

The excuses are moving towards Dennis Jacobs. Janssen will seperate herself from the police. The case just didn't have enough evidence for the golfing partner of Paulus Van der sloot, judge Rik Smid?

But is there enough evidence right now? Enough to convince Janssen twice, Van der straaten, Dompig, think there was a murder here but not convincing to Smid?


What is the gap that allows the Chief of Police, both of them and the Chief Prosecutor to know they have a murder but not a judge from Curacao? Why should we believe anything Karin Janssen says?

If Janssen can blame the police, what evidence was she using to come to the conclusion of murder, against the guards and the Kalpoe's? She's never mentioned murder with the name van der sloot.

And we are to believe she's done all she could? She admitted speaking with Paul van der sloot but she does not communicate with Beth. How much more obvious does it have to be?

Smothering the Van der sloots is a victory for anyone who's ever clicked on Natalee Holloway.

What are the van der sloots going to do when their last employer starts finding out evidence of fraud by an employee? And if the Netherlands wants to prosecute, where will they go?

They used to say you can't get blood out of a stone. But now, you can and we will.

The whole investigation has been a publicity stunt. Let's see the hotel video of the next night, the night when Paulus said his son/client was there again, gambling.

My guess he won't be on the tape.

Janssen is now doing more damage by keeping the case open, the charade of the team of investigators working 24/7.

So what do some new black witnesses bring to the case? Nothing for a prosecutor that has used the word of Joran van der sloot as evidence twice.

End the charade Ms. Janssen and move on to an even more mediocre career. When you're moment came, you cowered. It's a joke to even call you a prosecutor, you've acted like a willing stooge.

But all the names, Schippers, Renfro, Dompig, van der straaten etc. will forever be remembered by their cowardice and most of all the smearing of Natalee Holloway without any justification. The continued assault on Natalee's name by Joran van der sloot and you sit by and do nothing but throw release parties for him?

Paulus calls Janssen a liar and she does nothing?

You are shameful and disgusting people who will not be forgotten, we'll remind your children and their children of your cowardice and cruelty.

It will be the Netherlands that finally puts the murdering Van der sloots away.

The murdering Van der sloots.