Monday, February 27, 2006

Kimberly Guilfoyle: Ready, Fire, Aim

This story is perfect for her.

A cross between Joe Mammana, Emiril and Wendy Murphy, Ms. Guilfoyle has sprinkled some essence into the coverage of Aruba. The former lingerie model does kick it up a notch.

She is quite a mix of brains and Jack Daniels. A smart woman who socialized in the pretentious world of San Francisco High Society became a successful Prosecutor and now seems to want to get into the low brow mudpit of Aruba.

One can only hope she joins the fray and finds the calling. Or maybe like millions of others she already has?

Now may be the time for the woman you sense can bring the pain. How about a sit down with the murdering coward Paul Van der sloot? What's 12 million times $29.95?