Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Greta Van sustern is Black!

Diario has confirmed that Dennis Jacobs arrested a maid at the Marriott by the name of Greta van sustern. Karin Janssen was quoted as saying, "we have suspicion that the maid was yelling bad things and Chief Dompig believes he has witnesses who say van sustern stole some cameras."

Wow those cops seemed to be right on it. The crack police force that Joran says beat him and even Paulus Van der sloot admits (CBS interview August) "botched the case."

What kind of father gives his underage son his hard earned money to gamble and drink? Come to think of it, what father gives his son any of his hard earned money regarless of his age to gamble and drink?

But was Paulus' money hard earned? Why would he want his son, who is known as a bad gambler, to waste money in a casino?

I have to laugh thinking about asking my father for some cash to gamble and buy drinks. He would have laughed too, the first time.

But Aruba is known as a money laundering haven and what better way than to do some laundry than dropping some cash at a casino. A guy with no experience loses and loses and loses and it's all good. Paulus keeps on giving the money. Where did that money come from, the salary he was making from Aruba?

Was it drug money Joran was spending? Can someone find out what a clerk and judge in training makes in Aruba? 3 kids and there's enough disposable income to let your kid loose in a casino?

I've never heard of this. But then again, I was raised in New Jersey and that stuff doesn't go on there.

I can understand why Joran would want to protect his source. I mean does the guy know what it means to actually earn a dime? It's easy to spend Daddy's money, or was that in itself a job?

By all accounts Dennis Jacobs has done a poor job in his first murder case. His experience is in narcotics. How well could he be doing in that job if Aruba has a reputation as a drug haven?

So the lead investigator is a narcotics cop. Joran spends money freely in a casino that his father, who seems to be doing well unemployed...no it's just a coincidence.

I'm sure it's all very normal, I don't understand Dutch law I guess.

Greta does look a little black doesn't she?