Thursday, March 09, 2006

Aruba: Judge's Rulings On the Van der Sloots goes Missing

The faxed decision from Curacao regarding the size of compensation Aruba must pay Paul Van der sloot for his inconvenience and the decision regarding Joran's complete innocence has apparantly gone missing from Gerold Dompig's desk accourding to Bon Dia, Aruba.

"I couldn't finish my sandwich and I grabbed some paper off my desk and wrapped it thinking I would take it home" said the Chief.

"I then went to see Karin Jannsen and must have dropped it on her desk. I remember asking Dennis Jacobs for a ride but we didn't talk about why I was barefoot. Shoes are not a big issue in Aruba so a little detail like leaving your shoes around town is really not important." "I was hoping Karin would shine them for me" said the Chief.

Dompig is under pressure to give more details on exactly where he left the sandwich. It's believed the amount of the award and the clearing of Joran Van der sloot may cause trouble and the internal debate threatens to paralyze the solving of this case.

"I think Dennis Jacobs may have gone back to Janssen's office after I left" said Dompig.

"We really had momentum going with the scavenger hunts planned and the foreign weeping witnesses ready to tell us where the fireworks are" said Chief Dompig.

"It's an amazing set of coincidences that I almost can't believe it myself" said Dompig.

Karin Janssen was quoted as saying, "I see no reason to believe he's lying even if he is black."