Thursday, March 02, 2006

Joey Tacopina Jumps the Shark

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse:

Joey Tacopina has been hired to rehabilitate Joran's image. On the Abrams Report, Joey Tacopina stated"

"Joran's a good kid"

"He's a victim"

"He was just telling what he was told, something that with counselling didn't need to be aired."

"Police Investigators in Aruba believe Beth has crossed the line"

The same investigators who took a Joran lie and arrested two innocent security guards are telling us that Beth crossed the line?

I hope every American remembers that this murderer and liar claims he feels older than his age yet hasn't worked a day in his life. His lifestyle of gambling funded by his parents.

I hope every American remembers that at the most critical time in Natalee's life, Joran van der sloot lied to investigators.

Those investigators believed his lie and now say Beth has gone over the line?

I hope every American remembers fear, and remembers the fear of Natalee Holloway as she died.

A promising life snuffed out by this coward. You want to talk fear?

I hope every American remembers the Van der sloots and Kalpoes and the cowardly "investigators."

She wanted to be a doctor and earned a scholarship with hard work while Joran was gambling with his father's money.

Never forget this about Aruba and never forget about Natalee Holloway.