Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Kalpoe's Wild Night in Aruba

I get a call just before 11 p.m from Joran Van der sloot inviting me to hang out that night.

Sounds like fun.

So around midnight I ask my brother Satish to come with me and hang out with Joran.

He said "great idea."

We drove 20 minutes to pick up Joran. We parked the car and went into Joran's apartment where he was organizing some homework that was due the next day. It's about 12:15.

We all drive back to Carlos n Charlies and even though it's only open for another 30 minutes, it's all good.

I had a quick drink, mingled a little before closing and I went to warm up the car.

I waited for a few minutes and out comes Joran holding hands with a blond girl and my brother is walking with them.

They get in the car and Joran asks me to drive to his house. Boy, am I having fun.

We get to Joran's house and Joran says the girl wants to go see sharks so I start driving towards the beach, the beach by the Marriott.

When we get to the beach, Joran says he's going to get out and asks if I can come back later and pick him up.

Sure, I can go get some time on the computer and my brother and me drive home.

What a night! I get to drive to Joran's then to Carlos n Charlies have a drink drive them to his house then to the beach and I'm going home with my brother.

An hour later Joran calls me and asks if I will pick him up. I say okay. But I was having so much fun on my computer and a little tired from all the partying that I ask Satish if he will go pick up Joran.

Satish, being the good guy he is, says "okay." be continued.