Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Arubatruth Spokesperson : Cloning the Messenger

They all just plug into the same story, a series of crafted statements for a purpose. The long line of Arubatruth funded spokesperson's. Remember Ruben Trapenburg? Tacopina is just the latest version of a long line of job interviewees looking for a career boost.

The message is the same, whether by Schippers or Tacopina, Dompig and Cohen, it's arrogant and defensive and rooted in lies and savagery.

But we don't fear you're lies or you anymore and the threatening is just so hollow. Nobody's afraid of Aruba no matter how much manufactured mysticism and dark corruption they try to paint to scare away the interest.

It's not scary, it's more like a film set, just actors who have to ad lib. They become almost incoherent, like the Arubatruth Spokesperson role.