Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Joe Tacopina: Who Will Rehabilitate You?

Joey Tacopina is sure that the charges against Joran Van der sloot of past predatory behaviour are made up.

How does he know this? "I spoke to many people in Aruba, both legal and civil, and from everything I've heard this is made up."

Tacopina is believing people in Aruba? What people? Wow, he is a good lawyer.

Yeah sure Joe.

Where have you been the last 9 months?

He's going to sue "others."

Tacopina is recanting the poor man's version of this story. He doesn't know how anyone can have information to think Joran is guilty. Amazing.

I guess he's going to sue people in Aruba. The information has all come for Aruba, not in the U.S. Or are you going to test the first ammendment rights?

I'll do anything to force the truth to come out Joey. Joran is a murderer and a predator. There are other victims and there will be more.

Wait until you see the trash thrown at these girls when they come forward.

Hey Joe, do you have the misogny in you to keep going then? You stepped into the pit and have been slimed.

Or has Paulus told you the police files will never be made public? I mean after all he is being compensated by Aruba so you assume they must know what they're doing?

Where have you been on this story? The finger police are way ahead of you.

Be ready for some time off to spend with the family. The Van der sloots and not the prosecution control the evidence and their over- reaching will take them down.

Why do legally innocent people who are not in jail spend so much energy and money trying to prove they're innocent? It doesn' make sense unless they're guilty.

It's like me spending all my time and money proving my name is deetch. Why would I do that?

Who picked up Joran? Why this goes unanswered legally is important. That's why the Van der sloots are fighting not to have to answer that in front of a judge. They can't even answer that outside of court with multiple attempts.

It never happened.

You lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. Joey Tacopina has fleas.

Unable to answer who picked up Joran at the beach Mr. Tacopina does what he's being paid to do, blame Natalee and her parents and anyone else he can bully.

This is how he rehabilitates Joran's image?

And rehabilitates it back to what? He claims he is a normal teenage boy, too scared to tell the truth to the police or a judge.

But Joey Tacopina, who's legal representation consists of work any lawyer could do, no doubt wouldn't let his daughter go out with a Joran Van der sloot. A "not in my neighborhood" attack dog who simply cannot answer any question of relevence.

Would Joey be so forgiving to anyone who would leave his daughter "on the beach."

Is that why you can't answer a simple question about who exactly picked up Joran at his beach?

You've already lied on national television when you coyly sidestepped the question as to how you came to this case. You distracted away from the question of who approached you. Or did you approach Aruba?

You didn't answer the question, you won't. You just blow hot air.

A normal teenage boy? If Joran Van der sloot is a normal teenage boy then why does he need you to come on television and tell us?

No doubt you can't answer that question either. You'd launch into some attack on Natalee again, debasing yourself for money and a chance to gel up for the cameras.

But Joran didn't hire you did he? That wouldn't be normal would it Joey?

I'm willing to bet you've spent more time speaking with Paulus Van der sloot than Joran.

But you've put it down. "Joran is a victim too." That comment is now all we'll remember you by as you prostitute yourself for the camera.

Who'll rehabilitate you?

He looks forward to the trial in the US. He will be represented by the American lawyer Joe Tacopiña. He will be the defending lawyer in the case against Joran and represent him in TV-show. He is a well-known criminal lawyer that appears on a regular basis in talkshows on MSNBC. Joran says that Tacopiña works pro bono. “Tacopiña doesn’t like the way the case gets blown up and wants to help me. I am of course very happy with that.”