Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bill O'Reilly Drops Tacopina on the Beach

O'Reilly delivered the shot from which Joe Tacopina never recovered. "Why do they need you?"

A brilliant smarmy jab at a totally smarmy lawyer who had no response.

Joey was ready to whip it out and O'Reilly shriveled him into mumbling something about Joran "supporters" and "family." "Objects on tv may appear larger than they actually are."

So who would have such a stake in hiring this guy? Why would anyone spend money rehabilitating a Van de sloot? That is what's going on here isn't it? Or is to somehow rehabilitate Aruba and the whole range of the complicit?

And the Yenta from Chicago, what good is she? We already know the men of Aruba have no balls.

And Steve Croes, along with the VDS property, the security guards and the Police, seems to have emerged as another entity everyone is distancing themselves from.

"Did your client, Joran Van der sloot ever confess to anyone including Police that he killed Natalee Holloway" would have really put Tacopina away.

Yep, the mysterious half man half turtle beach Troll that lives in the shadowy world of the dunes and the fisherman's huts is making it even more clear the whole beach story is a lie. Never happened. I can see the man/turtle in front of a judge. Joran alibi number 4.

Can you say backpedal? Tacopina even emphasized "if" Joran left her on the beach.

So the beach story is even suspect to a paid Van der sloot lawyer? Sounds like Paul Van der sloot knows what happened but it also sounds like everyone else does too.

Is it still Beth's fault, or what story are we on Aruba, I can't remember? Is this troll Dompig's weeping witness?

"Never could I have imagined that this could happen to Aruba. We put all our effort into tourism. We live for tourism and have nothing else." Marcial Ibarra, director of business development for the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association.

Mickey John knows:

"Well like I said before, the justice system, the detectives, they're fools. They have to go back to school. And they were used, like, a scapegoat, used, like, a black person is society to cover their mess."

Used by whom Mickey?