Sunday, March 19, 2006

Joran Van der sloot Has Already Confessed

The attacks on Beth and Natalee began after Joran confessed to killing Natalee.

Arubatruth is posting a statement telling us they are not corrupt and there is no coverup in the same week when a new search begins.

For the ones who don't know the language yet, this is a titanic CYA by a public relations committee trying to do public relations work and the employer of Joe Tacopina, and the mysterious Joran "supporters."

Joran Van der sloot has already confessed to killing Natalee. He also has accused Deepak of killing Natalee. Why would he do this if he didn't know she was dead? There is no beach story anymore only dunes.

Once again volunteered information that seems to jump out like size 14 sneakers, why does the publicity arm of Aruba and the van der sloots find it neceassary to attempt to profess there is no coverup, why at this exact moment?

How can Dompig's "witness" be both innocent and credible unless it's a police officer or a lawyer representing one of the parties?

As go the Van der sloots, so goes Aruba. The kidnapping and rape charges being prepared and reviewed by Aruba didn't happen on the beach, they happened at the Van der sloot residence.

For whatever reason Aruba wants to express, and they've used most of them, the Van der sloots are the story. Aruba tried to make the story about Natalee for all the wrong reasons.

Joran Van der sloot is here and Natalee isn't. No doubt the fact that she can't be heard gives the Van der sloots the bravado to attack everyone that points the finger at them. The misogny is so deep, tossed out to prevent the focus from finding Natalee. I don't see van der sloot afraid to speak about this case to anyone other than the police. As with the first night, when it mattered, the van der sloots lied and all of Aruba knows why.

And when her own parents tried to protect their daughter, Aruba attacked Natalee and Beth, threatened to do nothing, demanding an apology.

The sadism is just unforgettable.

And it all started when Joran Van der sloot confessed to killing Natalee. Only then and not when the black guys were arrested did the smear campaign begin.

Arubatruth would have never been created for the security guards. Yet they proclaimed their innocence with passion. It also wouldn't have been as big of a story. But Aruba knew that already.

Dompig was there on June 10th when Joran confessed to killing Natalee.

The only story that required a formal retraction. That should tell you all you need to know, but there is so much more.

Even before his confession, the Chief of Police Jan Van der straaten and the Prosecutor were using the word murder. Murder

They were using the word murder on June 5th, while the black security guards were in custody.

There were no stories about Natalee running away, a rogue killer or insurance scams. Nothing.

Just 2 black guys who are under suspicion of murder and kidnapping.

"Two men are arrested in a pre-dawn raid. The suspects worked as security guards at a hotel near Holloway's until a day before her disappearance, sources said. Their attorney says they are being investigated for murder and kidnapping, and denies any link between his clients and Holloway." (CBS News)

So the Police and the Prosecutor knew they had a murder and kidnapping. How?

They must have known Natalee was killed somehow?

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (CNN) -- Prosecutors in Aruba decided to further detain two hotel security guards in the disappearance of an Alabama student based on what authorities called "a reasonable suspicion" they were involved in "criminal acts" related to the case.

Asked Tuesday if the men were to be charged with homicide and kidnapping, prosecution spokeswoman Vivian van der Biezen said, "I cannot confirm it. I think I will be able to confirm it tomorrow."

Prosecutors decided to detain the suspects for another eight days. They are to appear in court Wednesday. Acting on a tip, police arrested the pair Sunday morning in the oil-refining town of San Nicolas.

Van der Biezen would not elaborate about evidence gathered in the investigation, but she did say that authorities would not have prolonged the detention if they only had circumstantial evidence.

Defense lawyer Chris Lejuez said he expects his clients to be formally accused of homicide, being accomplices to homicide, and of kidnapping leading to homicide.

The next day, on June 8th:

"A judge finds sufficient evidence to hold suspects Nick John, 30, and Abraham Jones, 28 on suspicion of murder and kindapping in the Holloway case, according to defense attornies. Local law allows for the suspects to be held for a total of 116 days without being formally charged." (Associated Press)

At the same time the judge found sufficient evidence to hold the guards, the police found evidence they were innocent, yet they stayed in jail and the Kalpoes and Joran Van der sloot were not arrested right away.

Then on June 10th Joran confessed. Dompig, Van der stratten, Anita and Paul Van der sloot, Rudy Croes, Gerold Dompig, Nelson Oduber, they all know he confessed. As did Dennis Jacobs, the lead investigator appointed by the retired Jan Van der straaten.

And the FBI knew it too, they told Beth that Natalee was dead.

Why did Prime Minister Nelson Oduber, on June 10th, feel compelled to make this statement:

"Nobody stands above the law."

He wouldn't have said that about the black security guards, he wouldn't have said that about the Kalpoe's. It applies to the son of a white Dutch Judge.

Dompig had told Rudy Croes and Joran's confession became a "misinformation" campaign. Aruba was telling us Joran's confession was a misinformation campaign? Who told Joran to stop telling the truth?

Then the smearing of Natalee started. Aruba didn't ask the FBI for help, they hired a media advisor, subcontracted by a damage control company, John Pauly.

Jan Van der straaten in an article by on June 11th:

Van der Straten doesn't believe Natalee is alive: While Chief prosecutor Karin Janssen stated this week that they don’t have any indication that Natalee Holloway is dead, during an interview this week Police Superintendent Jan van der Straten told the reporter that he doesn’t believe that Natalee is still alive. Maybe this should only be interpreted as his personal opinion but the fact remains that he has inside information and knows how the investigation is going. So he is basing his opinion on the facts. With regard to Natalee’s status, van der Straaten gave the following statement to a Dutch reporter:

Rep: Any hopes for a positive outcome?
Jan: You always have to be hopeful, but I don’t believe anymore that we will find Natalee alive.
Rep: Why not?
Jan: Because I know the details of the investigation and you don't !

How did the Chief of Police know enough to come out early on and know they had a murder? What even sliver of evidence was there?

Enough to hold the security guards, enough to arrest the Kalpoe's and charge them with premeditated murder and rape, enough to hold Joran Van der sloot and enough to arrest Paul Van der sloot who was not interrogated but arrested on premeditated murder.

Not enough evidence to search the Van der sloot propery or charge Joran and not enough to prevent Paulus from being compensated.

It's as if the evidence was there and then it wasn't.

Dompig has alot riding on these new searches. His story is that someone who wasn't involved in Natalee's disappearance just happened to be in the dunes that night and could identify exactly what was going on?

It had to be someone who was involved. Or someone involved in moving Natalee's remains not to the dunes, but from the dunes. Or an Aruba Dirty Lawyer.

How many police officers from that night are still working in Aruba? Why does it seem like everyone in Aruba has seen the case file? Is it in the same safe place as the tourism numbers?

The "witness" is a concept, an idea, not real enough to fit into any legal description.

The FBI questioning Dompig's source looks more revealing every day. Dompig, is not pulling all these resources together on the word of a black man, unless he's a white man's buffer.

It's like they had evidence, and then they didn't.

Why won't Aruba explain how a Van der sloot lie was taken as evidence but a Van der sloot confession was declared "misinformation" requiring the only formal retraction in this case?

The lies tell the truth, and the official word from Arubatruth is that there is no coverup. We waited 9 months for you to tell us that?

Why now?