Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Aruba: The "Beach" Story Never Happened, Again

The "beach story" is a lie. Completely. It doesn't matter who picked up Joran, it never happened. It was a story created by Paul Van der sloot, to move the crime scene, to create "mystery" without witnesses. A specific location.

The hotel story was made up before legal advice and before Natalee went so very missing.

After 10 months, Aruba can't make it work, despite the PR blitz by the Van der sloots and Joe Tacopina. It now seems clear why the van der sloot has been talking, trying hard to have anyone believe them. Selling the beach story.

It's time to admit, the beach story never happened.

They still cannot corroborate any aspect of it, there are no witnesses but the 3. And they can't corroborate it either.

By looking at this case as it was in the beginning without any beach story, it means bringing the Van der sloot property and Paulus Van der sloot back into focus.

It also brings other adults into the picture. Does anyone really think that these 3 alone are why this is still a story?

But Paulus, he's on the precipice of being compensated by Aruba for his trouble. How he slithered out of trouble and accountability required the help of other adults. Connected adults. Connected to the Police, the Prosecution and the judges. What had been his coworkers and friends.

He wasn't interrogated and his property not searched. Paul Van der sloot claims he never said "no body, no case." Yet Karin Janssen confirmed in 2 seperate quotes that he did.

Paul van der sloot lied in the most critical time. If the beach story were true then Natalee could still have been alive and her life still in the balance and at that very moment the van der sloots lied over and over. Only now they claim they want the case solved.

To admit the beach story is a lie, brings a whole other level of participation into Natalee's death.

The beach story didn't exist the first night, or the second. It didn't exist while the guards were in jail. While the guards were in jail on suspicion of murder, Paul van der sloot was working in the prosecutor's office under contract.

Only after some time and a poolside chat did the bogus story emerge. It creates a fictional crime scene. But the part about how Joran got home keeps changing. Why?

It never happened.

The van der sloot property, is the central scene in Natalee's death, the only specific site that all 3 suspects admitting spending varying amounts of time.

It's alot more precise that a spot in the dunes.

Blowing apart the beach story will blow apart Aruba. It's where the lies all emanate from. The first night direction that Joran and the Kalpoes were at the hotel, then the hotel story and the guards.

10 months later and there is no corroborating evidence Natalee was ever at the beach.

If the Prosecutor closes the case without answering to what happened to Natalee we'll know they just didn't want to go near the Van der sloots figuratively and literally.

But Natalee died between the lies, between the stories. The hotel, the beach, it doesn't matter.

Because she died between the stories, the place between the hotel guards and the beach is the Van der sloot property. Between the lies.