Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Natalee Will Come Home

A committment you cannot even describe. A network that has no equal and a determination money can't buy.

An army unafraid of Dutch Law, greaseball attornies and the monumental wall of incompetence masking the corrupt does not scare us.

Heroic people, acting irrational, insane and risking their jobs and relationships for a common goal.

Bringing Natalee home.

The Van der sloots and Aruba pay for friends. Not scary, not effective and passionless.

Even on Beth's worst day, she projects more than the Van der sloot posse can bring at $500 an hour plus expenses.

The wall around the Van der sloots frightens nobody. Deters noone as we march through them in a new world.

Blogged to Death is your sentence, Paul Van der sloot.

The huge amount of energy and friendship extended to Beth, Dave and Natalee is real, committed and cannot be bought.

The Van der sloots have remained in the crosshairs from the beginning for a reason.

It's only more focused now. Up close and personal with Paul Van der sloot, still hiding. Like a scared cowering naked man behind a bush. He may have to stay there but that's okay, because he'll die there.

The centralized media is losing it's power to dictate public perception. As the Van der sloot offensive is going down in flames, the technology-empowered bloggers are pouring on the gasoline.

In a world where cheap distributed media is unrestrained, there are no truly local problems.

Ready access to the means of digital communication is a force for democracy. It gives voice to ordinary citizens and disseminates vital information that those who command power and status would rather bury. More power to the heroic, censor-busting bloggers.

Call it blogger vigilantism or finger police, we disseminate information, facts and rumors at a pace television cannot keep up with.

Paying lawyers to tell us Joran is a "good kid" is so transparent. Natalee doesn't need to buy friends, she's earned our committment and we will bring her home.

Tiring out bloggers is impossible, but drying up the money defending Aruba and the Van der sloots will happen way before the energy to see this through does.

Its not about money for us, it is for the Van der sloots and Aruba.

We're married to it. No matter how long it takes, no matter the risk, we're not still here after all this time to give up now.

We will bring Natalee home.