Thursday, March 30, 2006

Gottenbos Van der sloot Gottenbos Van der straaten

Gerold Dompig’s interview was to set Aruba’s image straightSuggestion in the CBS program that Joran vd Sloot took Natalee Holloway to his house and not the beachAs said in the initial declaration

Bon Dia Aruba3/28/2006ORANJESTAD – Joran vd Sloot did not take Natalee Holloway to the beach, but to his house. One of the many revelations and suggestions that interim High Commissioner Gerold Dompig shared with Troy Roberts of CBS Saturday night in the program ’48 Hours – Mystery’ A much anticipated program due to the information that Dompig gave that was not before known, especially by the American media. A program, that according to CBS, Dompig made with the authorization of his superiors and that had as a goal to set straight all bad information Aruba has had to ‘deal’ with during the last months.