Friday, March 31, 2006

Joran is Covering for Paul Van der sloot

Why is this picture important?

It appears Natalee is pointing to Joran. No doubt in response to the information that it is indeed the son of the man sitting next to her.

In most people's world, this would create an element of safety, especially if she were "invited" back to the the VDS home. Knowing Joran's father was around would cloud her judgement, because Paul Van der sloot is no ordinary father.

She would be comfortable but sadly, more vulnerable.

Dompig has confirmed that the beach story never happened, so we can assume that Natalee was brought to the VDS home. She would not have needed to be drugged to feel safe. Remember, from her point of view, she knew the father was home, had no reason to believe they were both predators and did not know they had "seperate" residences.

Of all the people that could have been sitting next to Natalee on the night she vanished, this one just happens to look enough like Paul Van der sloot to make you wonder? What are the chances of that? Another coincidence?

Speculation, sure. But compare this to Joran's beach story with sneakers and flashers and 3 different scenarios of how he got home and you tell me which is satire?

Paul and Joran lied about other children being home. They were not.

"If Beth Twitty can interfere with an investigation, imagine what Paul van der sloot could do."

Good News: I have been given permission by my employer to not only continue to post, but view ariel photos from space of Aruba taken the night Natalee disappeared. My employer is considering naming the next space shuttle after Natalee.