Monday, April 10, 2006

Aruba: Answer the Question: How Do You Know Natalee is Dead?

On June 13 2005 a girl named Jacy from Holland sent a video of the dunes (Rock) area of what appeared to be a polis recovery of a body filmed on 6-10-2005

There were many polis and what appeared to be a coroners van off to the left on the video. Also in the video there was a man with two dogs that she said was a man famous in Holland called Harry "the nose" Jongen. He was called the nose because he used a long stick with a hole drilled through the entire length to poke down into the ground and find bodies of victims by smell, and had success in Bosnia during the Balkan war, he discovered many victims and some mass graves. There was skepticism of everything I was seeing and had never heard of the man called Harry the nose before and Jacy thought everyone knew about him and his track record.

On 6-10-2005 Beth learned that Natalee was dead, she was told before an interview with 20/20 and was heard crying behind a closed door by the Mainstream Media.

On the day of 6-10-2005 the family received a call from the FBI on Aruba, and told to go to Beth's mother's house and to notify her.The FBI wanted to have the mother tell Beth.

After watching the video several times, I noticed that a body was not actually able to be seen but, there was enough to lead you to conclude that this was a crime scene of some sort. There were polis and other officials and there were men in bio suits (not hazmat suits) covering something with a tarp and sheets in the rock area. Again this video was shot on 6-10-2005 by a man named Ed Smith, from the aru-bay video site although we cannot confirm his name is for a fact Ed Smith. He is also know to post under a name Tony Smith.

Ed Smith filmed the video of what appeared to be a recovery and then on 6-11-2005 he returned to the same location and filmed the painting crew painting over the rocks in the video from the day before. Those videos have become known as the Chicago videos, ( named by the poster who discovered them on the site back in the late summer or fall of 2005.


The video filmed on 6-10-2005 was a part of that collection, however at the time I didn't realize there were more videos, just the one that appeared to be a recovery scene, and is now missing from the web server and backend parent list. It was removed for a reason Ed will not share with me even though we have had many email conversations. He filmed the video and went to CNN and wanted to sell the video to them, but was offered only $100.00 so he said no way and put the video on his server.

At that point Jacy found the video and forwarded it . At the time, we thought maybe it was a sea creature that washed up and they were recovering that animal. It wasn't until the fall that I realized there was more to the recovery video, because of the painting done to the rocks in the video filmed the following day. Because why would anyone send a painting crew out to the middle of nowhere and paint over specific rocks? That makes absolutely no sense unless there were painting over the crime scene of Natalee Holloway. To this day there has been no explanation from the ALE or Aruba \ Dutch Authorities as to what actually took place there and why men were painting over these specific rocks.

Harry Jongen, a very well known dutch citizen, he must have found something.

Speculation is that Dompig was delaying to distract, and move Natalee again, off the island and create a runaway story and then follow it up with finding Natalee somewhere other than Aruba.

Imagine Aruba trying to say she ran away? That would be good in one sense, but how to explain Van der straaten's comments when the guards were arrested (murder) or Dompig's (overdose) either way it is all falling apart for Aruba.

They just can't help themselves and it reeks of desperation.

If this person has or will come forward with the complete videos, they could collect one million dollars. The question is, have they already?

Is THE Aruba Dirty Policeman going down? This from Tamikosmom:


By now it was almost five o'clock in the morning. The policemen told Beth to wait at her hotel. A detective would come by and see her at eight. Detective Dennis Jacobs arrived at 8:15, took down Natalee's description, and led Beth to the police station. Beth sat in the lobby for three hours until Jacobs spoke to her again. She rose, eager to pour out everything she had learned. Suddenly, Jacobs said, "We won't be needing you." Beth stood there, stunned, uncertain what to do. After a moment she walked outside, where she ran into the first of the hundreds of television crews she would soon encounter. "That was the moment," she says today, "that I realized we were in serious trouble."

Dave: When I arrived at that police station, the detective knew I was coming and I was frantic as you can imagine a parent being who has their daughter missing. I walked up to the front desk accompanied by my brother and brother in law. I identified myself as the father of Natalee Holloway and Jacobs got up from his chair and grumbled “Well, how much money you got? ..... ”


Dave: Well, yes. I have spoken with one of the assistant prosecutors and that’s one of the reasons she resigned. It was because the police would not follow-up on her suggestions as well. She became so frustrated that she had to call it quits. You have dissensions within the prosecutor’s office. You have police officers who for some reason or other don’t trust each other. You know, we came up with the bones. When I was on the island, I was questioned about what did we do with the evidence and I didn’t know…what did you do with the evidence? We found out a tourist had found a bone and gave it to the beach police.

The beach police, rather than giving it to the detective team gave it to some police commissioner. The rumor was they did not trust the detective team. We’ve heard that over and over and over again from various different sources. You have to wonder, who can you trust?