Monday, April 17, 2006

Joran the Murderer

His attorney who is paid by the Van der sloots, said Joran has been an honor student who's done tons of community service his whole life.

Is drinking and gambling considered community service in Aruba?

An honor student who said "he didn't know who she was" when confronted by police the night after Natalee went missing?

An honor student who then lied about dropping Natalee at the hotel. A "sweet" kid who then said he "dropped her at the beach."

An honor student who couldn't remember how he got home from the beach story?

In a moment when Natalee's life was in the balance he lied, and lied and lied.

No wonder the van der sloots need to pay someone to speak that way about them.

Nobody is buying it Joe.

TACOPINA: You know, they've gotten stronger obviously because of this. It's been -- they are such nice people. I had the opportunity to spend four full days with them last week with my team. We went down there and I got to tell you this family is remarkable.

The mother is a schoolteacher. The father is one of the most simple, genuine, sweet people who's obviously image were gutted when he lost everything, including his career over this and was cleared subsequently as you know.

And, Joran who then a 17-year-old boy who is now 18, Star, who has been an honor student all his life in school, who has done, you know, tons of community service, is loved in that community.

I walked around with Joran in Aruba. People, both Americans and locals, came up and gave the kid a hug, not because he's a movie star or something. They gave him a hug because I think they appreciate that at this point he is now a former suspect and he's been through something that none of us should ever be through.

He's been wrongly called a murderer, a predator, and things of that nature and he's a very mature 18-year-old boy who speaks four languages and is a genuinely sweet, sweet young man.