Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Aruba: The Dutchies on the Run

The International School has a co-op program at the incinerator facilities engineering shop to train their hotel mainainence program students.

The school has recently removed most of it's pictures.

The VCB company owned by the new suspects father has removed it's project and contacts section.

This link may be shut down at any moment. Read down the page and you will find this paragraph under Organization of Services for Care of the Population.

Here is the exact quote:

Municipal Services for Management of Solid Waste, Including Hospital Waste. For disposal of solid waste, there is a 12.5-hectare refuse dump located in Parkietenbos. Different types of waste are taken to this site (refuse from homes, offices, industry, hotels, restaurants and cafes, construction and demolition sites), but no documentation is available regarding the exact amounts. Hospital waste also is transported and disposed of in the municipal dump. Infectious waste is burned in an incinerator, which may pose operation and maintenance problems.”

Can someone find a connection with the VCB company?