Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dennis Jacobs: Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall...

The more fear, the more they attack. The Van der sloots are being surrounded, and they know it.

They are being deconstructed piece by piece. Holland is opening an investigation into Paul Van der sloots work record and Dennis Jacobs performance. Why did he save the shirt but not the belt?

Dennis Jacobs is the last wall between the truth and the Van der sloots and when he is finally confronted his loyalty to the Van der sloots and Van der straaten will be tested.

Gerold Dompig was fired before he landed back in Aruba from his visit to Holland. His 48 hours interview was already taped but not aired and when in Holland he requested resources for his futile search. His presentation was not impressive. In fact, legal scholars called the investigation "insane and unprofessional."

Dompig and Jacobs are responsible for the investigation and the opinion was unanimous.

Look at Aruba's own words and you can figure out who Joe Tacopina is defending.

Van der straaten: Called it murder when the guards were arrested, quiet since then.
Dompig: Natalee died of an overdose
Tacopina Associate: Beth is in it for the money
Rudy Croes: Wants to shut beth up

All roads lead back to Joran van der sloot, still the last person to see Natalee. It will be proven that the new suspect GVC was not on the beach. The bogus story still has no corroboration.

It has been a mantra from the beginning, the lack of evidence is the evidence. This is the focus of the investigation and the current strategy. By recreating steps in reverse, it will be shown that the case was solved and unsolved.

But the pivotal moment will still be how all these people assumed Natalee was dead and why?

Gerold Dompig tried to plea bargain, multiple times.

Most of what we are hearing are stories, written to give credence to the initial lies told by Joran Van der sloot.

What happened on the day Natalee was confirmed dead, and then the retraction? Did they have her body and then they didn't?

Until it can be determined with evidentiary proof that Natalee is dead, all the theories are just that, theories.

But there remains one important fact, and it's stayed the same since the first day.

Joran Van der sloot is the last person to have been with Natalee Holloway.

The attention will not stop until Natalee can be brought home and the authorities know this. I believe they also know exactly what happened to Natalee and where she is. But bringing Natalee home will implicate the Dutch on Aruba.

No body, no case. The lack of evidence is the evidence.